The 6 best iPhone and Android apps for girls and women

The 6 best iPhone and Android apps for girls and women

Applications «Women's Calendar» make women’s lives easier. Apps like this are in high demand because they have advanced functionality. For example, you can track your menstrual cycles, find more fertile days and much more. Most of these applications allow you to monitor changes in your body, share your thoughts and impressions about the processes in your body.

Users those really care about the state of their body can turn different reminders on. For example, an application can remind you to measure body temperature or drink water. An excellent bonus is additional background information. It will be especially useful thing for girls those have started their periods recently.

There are a lot of programs like these in the App Store. Today we show you the top best apps for women on iPhone and Android.

«Women's Calendar»

This multifunctional app is one of the most popular by virtue of number of downloads. There is function of taking medication reminder in the calendar. But at the beginning of using the application you need to configure it and specify the current data.

Female Calendar app

  • All your data is kept safe and secure.
  • The application is convenient and intuitive.
  • The calendar has a simple reminder system.
  • You can track accurately the menstrual cycle and changes in it.
  • You can take notes.

"Women's calendar"


This is a standard Apple application that is available in iOS. Here you can track your periods and make notes about sexual intercourses. The app creates different graphs based on the received data. But in fact, it is too simple and concise. Moreover, there are suggestions to install other similar programs in the application.

Health app

«Period Tracker»

It is standard multifunctional application. Its only difference is that the application has a different interface and the «Diary» option.

Here you can:

  • Add your physical parameters data.
  • Take notes.
  • Indicate mood swing.
  • Make notes about events that can affect your health.
  • Indicate emerging diseases.

Period Tracker

«Lady Bell»

It is high-quality, free and intuitive application. It will be an excellent helper for those women who monitor their health and weight, and for those who want to become pregnant.

This app has the following options:

  • The calendar will show when you have the highest chance of getting pregnant.
  • You can send data to your doctor by email.
  • You can control changes in the state of the body.
  • The app will remind you about something you want.
  • You can track the cycle and changes in it.
  • There is a forum for chatting with other women in the app.\

App Lady Bell

«WomanLog Calendar»

It is an interesting iPhone application, like others. App is very convenient because all the symptoms are displayed as small icons on each day of the month on the calendar. This allows you not to look for a specific day to find the necessary data.

The meanings of the icons are very understandable, so they do not need to be remembered. All data are systematized and represented by graphs and statistical information.

Lady Bell


It is a handy iPhone and Android program with intuitive interface. At the first start, you need to enter all the proposed data, and then the application will calculate everything itself. Then you can make any changes.

Clue for iOS and Android

The app can show you:

  • changes in the state of your body;
  • changes in cycles;
  • psychological states;
  • physical Activity;
  • health data.

You can change the program for yourself and delete all unnecessary options. There is the ability to back up data in the application.

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  1. Alex (author)

    We present to you our article «The 6 best iPhone and Android girl apps and women’s calendars».
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  2. Oksana

    Very useful article, and super cool apps! By the way, I have been using one app for three years, first for my women’s calendar, then switched to pregnancy mode. It was very interesting to read the articles that were written in the app about the development of the baby, what size it is, what kind of fruit is similar in size, so that you know approximately what and how. Then I gave birth and returned to the previous regime. Now we are planning another baby, and it is very convenient to watch ovulation, mark when it was) I hope that soon we will switch to pregnancy mode! Girls I advise you to read this article and use the applications

  3. Maria

    As a woman, I can say that we have a lot of problems and problems in our heads. You always want to take everything and put it on the shelves. I found this article and was happy! Everything I needed was collected here. A great calendar with important dates and schedules. You can control your mood and keep a pregnancy diary. I was also very happy to see the app for maintaining my health. In a big city and at a high load, it is very important to always maintain and control it. Thank you for a selection of really useful women’s apps.

  4. Irina Koval

    The article is very helpful. Two years ago I to use used Lady Bell, when I had been undergoing gynecological treatment. In this app it is convenient to monitor the intake of pills, and there is also a cool forum where you can talk with other women with similar problems and get strong support. Now I use WomanLog Calendar, since there is a very cool interface with funny icons, which, by the way, are shown in the article.

  5. anna

    The article is really good. I had a smartphone LG but las year my husband gave me iphone 6 for my birthday. I really liked it. It is comfortable to use and I know that my information is in safety, because it has got special apps and settings. And I am in trend. It is true. I can also pay with my phone as I use apple pay. Before that I have lost my credit card every month! But now I still have it!

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