Why does not iPhone lock screen while on a call and what to do?

Why does not iPhone lock screen while on a call and what to do?

Users often face the challenge of iPhone, that can’t lock its touch screen during phone calls. Screen locks because of the proximity sensor. While on a call we hold the phone to our faces and proximity sensor works.

If iPhone does not lock screen, that means you have a faulty proximity sensor. Also if the screen is not licked, you can push several buttons. It’s not convenient and it’s annoying to everybody. In this article we will try to understand, why does it happen and offer the ways of solving the problem.

IPhone proximity sensor

How to lock screen while on a call

The main reason of unlocking of the iPhone is settings of your phone. If iPhone does not lock screen, you should go to the menu, tap «Incoming calls» and looks at the button «Proximity sensor».

If it is off, it can be the reason, why iPhone does not lock the screen. To turn it on, you should push the button and select the option «On». Also you should do the same things in «Outgoing calls».

If the button is on, but the problem is not solved, there’s another reason in this case.

The system error

Before you do something, check your phone and try to find the system error. The antivirus software will help you. System errors usually lead to turning off the screen, not locking. In this case touch screen can’t react to holding the phone to our faces. In other words, user is trying to turn speaker on and phone can’t prevent locking of the screen. And user should do it by himself.

If your antivirus found an error, you should fix it and check, does the function work or not. If it is not, ou should restore your iPhone to factory settings. But be careful — data will be deleted. So try to find another ways to fix the problem.

The protective glass or protective film

If iPhone does not lock screen, that not only means you have a faulty proximity sensor. Maybe the problem is the glass or film. It happens, because the color of this stuff is too dark for the proximity sensor and it can’t work correctly.

Dark Screen Protector on iPhone

The replaced screen

If iPhone does not lock screen after replacing the screen, you should try this unusual way to solve the problem.

  1. To start fixing the problem, you should dismantle your iPhone carefully.
  2. Then, take a scotch tape or a rubber band. It’s length should be about five or six mm.
  3. Finally, try to attach it between the proximity sensor and the light sensor.

This unusual method can solve your problem immediately.

Other reasons of the unlocked screen while on a call

If the problem was not fixed, there are some reasons of it in this list:

  1. Your phone is wet inside.
  2. Your phone fell down.
  3. Ribbon cable wears down.
  4. There’s so much dust on your phone and on the proximity sensor.
  5. Bad repair.

If your phone was dropped into the water or there’s so much dust on the iPhone, dismantle the phone and clean all the details. Dry it after cleaning.

If you’ve done everything, but problem is still with you, you should take your phone to the service center to check the problem.

Advisor to appleiwatch.name, co-author of articles. Has been working with Apple products for over 10 years.

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    We present to you our article «Why does not iPhone lock screen while on a call and what to do?».
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  2. Andrew

    Thanks a lot, already for 2 weeks when I called someone the phone screen did not lock and I thought it was a technical problem but in fact I just had to remove the used protection bottle. Already in the future I will know how to proceed. Already I was thinking of going to an apple service to fix my phone but the problem has already been solved, I recommend everyone to try, rather than pay any money for a service.

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