Why is my Apple Watch blocked and how can I avoid it?

Why is my Apple Watch blocked and how can I avoid it?

Ever since its introduction, iWatch smartwatch has been very popular due to its huge list of functions, good protection from dust and humidity, its excellent external design and its proven quality of work. But when the Apple Watch gets blocked, it’s not a laughing matter. Why is this happening? Is this a security feature designed by the developers or is there a problem with the device?

Why can the watch be blocked?

Apple Watch gets blocked for security reasons. The manufacturing corporation has taken care of the reliable and protected operation of the watch, which is quite justified since it stores personal and confidential information about its owner.

The smartwatch is blocked in two cases:

  • when removed from the hand;
  • when you enter an incorrect password.

When removed from the hand

According to the Unlock/Lock technology, the smartwatch reacts to contact with the user’s hand, so it gets blocked when removed. Of course, there are ways to unlock the watch: for example, if its owner just forgot the entry code. When unblocking, the settings will be reset to factory settings. In the future, you will need to configure the iWatch once again.

But even with the possibility of resetting, an outsider still won’t be able to use the device and get access to the owner’s personal information. If your Apple Watch is stolen or lost, you can always block its activation thanks to the «Find iPhone» feature.

If your smartwatch is stolen, nothing will happen to your personal data and finances, because if your Apple Watch is blocked, no one can perform any operations with it.

Как включить/выключить функцию «Распознавание запястья»
Фото: функция «Распознавание запястья»
Will it be useful for you to know how to remove the Apple Watch activation block?

When you enter an incorrect password

The smartwatch will be blocked if the user enters an incorrect four-digit password six times in a row. In this case, the Apple Watch will be blocked, and you will only be able to re-enter your password after a while.

Then you will be given four more attempts to enter the password correctly. If it turns out to be incorrect once again, the watch will be completely blocked. Personal data may be erased and you will have to restore it manually.

How to avoid blocking

To avoid the complete blocking of your Apple Watch, you need to monitor the device and keep it out of reach of children who like to solve passwords. You should save the password on some medium, for example, on your iPhone or in a notepad. Even if you are sure that you remember it, you should play safe or disable the password altogether.

Ввод неверного пароля в Apple Watch

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  1. Vladislava

    My friend has such a watch, I also really want one. I plan to order it soon, it’s expensive, but it’s worth it. I studied the information about them in detail, the watch is convenient, it is a cool device. There are many useful features, even too many. I like that the security there is iron, if lost, no one can unlock them. But you need to write down the password from them somewhere, you can forget the password and then it will be very difficult to unlock the watch, so be careful with this :!:

  2. Veronica

    Can my Iwatch take my temperature from my wrist

  3. Adham

    Apple watches are the watches of the future in my opinion. I bought an apple watch at the suggestion of a friend. I liked it very much. The design is also unique. Especially when the watch looks very nice in your hand. The presence of pictures of the cartoon character adds even more charm to the apple watch. The watch is suitable for people with high demands. I’m glad I bought this watch. I recommend it to you too

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