Why do you need a Apple Watch?

Why do you need a smart watch Apple Watch?

Progress doesn`t stand still and Apple decided to make smart such an accessory, like a clock. If you are interested in the question: what is Apple Watch used for, and what functions are there in this gadget, read up to the end of the article.

In general

Smart-watches are a wrist accessory, which connects Bluetooth to the phone. The clock display has a good contrast with the pixel density the same as that of the iPhone 6. It turns on only when you look at it. If you want to turn it off, it’s enough just to cover your device with the palm of your hand.

In addition, the screen supports the Force Touch function, which, when you press the display more strongly, displays an additional menu. On the left is the control button, which is convenient:

  • scroll through the lists;
  • adjust the volume.

Application area

The iWatch application area without permanent connection to the iPhone via Bluetooth is limited and allows using only such functions as:


The memory for this device is 2GB. Synchronizing your watches with a smartphone, you can use directly from the screen as follows:

Inside the Apple Watch is a smart vibration motor that reacts differently to the type of notifications. According to the vibration pattern, it is easy to determine what exactly has come. It’s a long time to explain why iWatch watches aren`t necessary for you. Wearing this gadget on hand, you intuitively understand yourself.

If you need to understand what the different models of Apple Watch:

Sync Apple iWatch with iPhone
Foto: Sync Apple iWatch with iPhone

Working with SMS and calls

Smart watches allow:

It is important that there is support for the Russian language at an excellent level. Microphone and speaker quality and communicate with a wrist gadget is quite comfortable. Application of the new Apple Watch is convenient for creating the following commands:

Using applications

  • As with a smartphone, you can use applications. By default, the built-in gadget:
  • stopwatch;
  • timer;
  • music;
  • messenger WhatsApp;
  • mail;
  • the calendar;
  • fitness;
  • weather.

Why you need a smart watch Apple Watch

You can use third-party applications, for example, Yandex. Money for Apple Watch from Yandex. Separately, I would like to note a set of twenty widgets whose purpose is to change the design of the workspace. It is important to know that there is no smart clock on board:

  • the browser;
  • dialer.

So, you have to take care of making all the necessary contacts.

Fitness for active people

Accessory every day keeps a count of the steps you took, activity at a high pulse and the total time you spent on your feet. On board the gadget is an optical pulse sensor, perfectly fulfilling its purpose. There is an opportunity to share with your friends your indicators.

General conclusions

Thus, we would like to note the key points, why do we all need Apple Watch:

  • convenience of using everyday functions, without having to constantly get your phone;
  • stylish thing perfectly fits any wardrobe;
  • in addition to the main function — to show time, iWatch is full of useful chips, the number of which is constantly growing due to the release of new firmware.

Advisor to appleiwatch.name, co-author of articles. Has been working with Apple products for over 10 years.

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    I wanted to buy a watch, but could not decide what to buy, conventional or in the form of a gadget. When I read this article, I realized I will buy Apple Watch soon! Most of all I like that the Apple Watch is a fitness bracelet and just a stylish accessory. I think Apple Watch is the best product on the world market of smart watches. Also, the ability to call and talk on the Apple Watch helps a lot when the phone is not near you or when you drive a car.

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