Why doesn’t Wi-Fi Hotspot on my iPhone work and what should I do?

Why doesn't Wi-Fi Hotspot on my iPhone work and what should I do?

When «Personal Hotspot» is enabled on your iPhone, it allows other devices to use the Internet via a mobile network. But sometimes there might be problems, and the function of distributing Wi-Fi from the smartphone won’t work. The information from this article will help you solve these problems.

What should I check if the Personal Hotspot won’t work on my iPhone?

  • You can enable Hotspot mode on your iPhone through the «Settings» tab. If the phone doesn’t distribute Wi-Fi, you need to make sure that the device has the Hotspot mode turned on. If the user can’t find this feature in his or her phone, or if this feature is inactive, you need to check with your mobile network operator whether your tariff includes Hotspot support.What should I check if the Personal Hotspot won't work on my iPhone?
  • If the Hotspot mode is enabled but won’t function, you need to restart the phone. If this action doesn’t help, try restarting the receiving device.
  • You need to check whether the latest version of iOS is installed on the distributing phone.
  • If all of the above-mentioned steps won’t help, you should reset your network settings. This command can be found in the «General» section, then «Reset», then «Reset Network Settings».

Why is there no Hotspot mode in the iPhone settings

Why is there no Hotspot mode in the iPhone settings

When updating the smartphone firmware, the Hotspot icon and the corresponding parameter in the settings menu often tend to disappear. This is due to the fact that the indicators of access to the world wide web in cellular communications (APN) get completely reset. It’s worth noting that many operators provide the Internet automatically, without requiring any adjustments of the parameters in the device. If you need to configure the Hotspot mode, you should enter the APN data of your mobile operator.

If the user isn’t able to connect to the network via his or her iPhone

  1. You should check whether your iPhone is distributing Wi-Fi.
  2. You need to make sure that both the transmitting and the receiving device display the same network and that you enter the same password for both.
  3. If the network sees a third device and the receiving computer isn’t distributing Wi-Fi, you should restart the computer.

Sometimes, when everything seems to be working, the users forget that they didn’t pay the required amount for the mobile tariff. If everything works correctly, you should check the balance on your phone.

The Hotspot mode is checked in the same way if the connection is created via a USB modem. In other words, the iPhone is connected to the computer via a USB cable. In this case, the connection can be checked through iTunes in the «System Settings» menu of the «Network» section.

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