Apple Watch is muted: why?

Apple Watch is muted: why?

If you noticed, that there is no sound on your smart watch, then most likely you have not figured out how to adjust the sound level.

Silent mode

The first thing, that you can do, if your watch is muted, is:

  • to click on «Settings»;
  • to find «Sounds & Haptics»;
  • to turn silent mode off.

Do Not Disturb mode

The second thing, that you can do, is to make sure, that Do Not Disturb mode is turned off. For this you need:

  • to open the top menu;
  • to find the crescent icon;
  • to click on it.

Sound Adjustment on iWatch

Manual adjustment

It is possible, that the volume was manually adjusted. To change it you should:

  • click on «Settings»;
  • find «Sounds & Haptics»;
  • slide your finger across the sound bar and set it to the volume you need.

Besides this, Digital Crown button can be turned to the minimum. Just scroll it to the opposite direction to increase the volume.

Another reason of muting

If you still have the problem, you can do the following:

  • click on «Settings»;
  • find «Sounds & Haptics»;
  • press Do Not Disturb mode button.

Checking the tactile signal on iWatch

Also you can check whether the tactile signal on the smart watch is turned on or off. For this you need:

  • to click on «Settings»;
  • to find «Sounds & Haptics»;
  • to turn «Prominent Haptic» off.

Information about how to turn on, turn off and change the sound settings on the Apple Watch is available at the above link.

The control of the tactile signals function on the iPhone 7 has the same way.

Instead of conclusion

If the problem is not solved, you should contact the seller. He will be obliged to listen to you and, in case of defect, change the device or return the money, because Apple Watch has a guaranty, like iPhones.

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  1. Alex (author)

    We present to you our article «Why did the sound turn off on the Apple Watch: how to turn it on, how to adjust?».
    We are waiting for your questions, suggestions and feedback on the topic.

  2. Gabi

    Hi! I am glad I found your article as I’ve been trying to turn on the sound on my Apple Watch for a few days. Our Apple store is closed due to COVID 19 and I couldn’t drop by to solve the problem. Thought, I would skip using my Apple Watch for a while until I figure out how to deal with the sound mode. I do appreciate that you found time to post this manual. It was really easy to read and to follow your instructions. My special thanks for posting the video. Finally, I was able to fix the problem and the sound is turned on now.

  3. rena

    Hello dear friend
    I searched the article on the Internet well that I found your article Thank you for writing in detail
    It was very difficult for me to turn on and off all the functions of the Apple Watch. thanks to your article, I found how to resize text and adjust brightness
    I am very grateful for your work Thank you. :улыбка:: Идея:

  4. Alice

    Finally dealt with this problem. The little son played with the clock and clicked something. I tried to turn on the sound myself, but I didn 't make it. I came across your article by accident. I didn 't think I 'd find that much useful information here. I 'll come to you more often if there are any questions. Thank you! ;-)

    1. Alexey

      My friend 's watch stopped playing sound. He was going to give them to the kids to play with them. As a loyal comrade, I tried to help him. Reviewed a huge number of sites, but there was nothing described in detail. Accidentally stumbled across your article. Everything is clear written, there are no extra words in the article. As though read the instruction! 😃 Thank you!

  5. Shakir

    Hello everyone I recently bought an Apple Watch and really faced this problem, I did not know the functionality well. Thanks to this article, it helped me understand the functionality of sound on the watch. When I lost the sound, sometimes I didn’t notice the message. Also, the video that was present here helped me. Finally I understood how mute mode and sound modes work. Thank you article!

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