Why won’t Apple Watch charge?

Why won't Apple Watch charge?

The weak battery of Apple Watch is the main disadvantage of this device. The battery lasts just for one day of uniform use. But sometimes Apple Watch won’t charge well or won’t respond to the charger at all. In such cases you should know which measures need to be taken.

How to find out if the charging process is in progress

A green icon should appear when you connect the charging cable to your Apple Watch. If the screen doesn’t turn on, you should leave the watch charging for about half an hour.

How to charge your Apple Watch

To prevent damage to your smartwatch, you should learn how to charge the device correctly, immediately after purchasing it:

  1. When the charge scale indicator is low, the red lightning icon appears on the watch screen.
  2. Before charging, you need to take off the gadget from your wrist.
  3. Connect the cable to the power supply (or to your computer via a USB port). If you use the station, put the watch on it with its back side on the magnetic disk.
  4. Leave the iWatch charging until the green lightning icon appears on the screen. Keep it in mind that the watch switches to night mode automatically when connected to the charger.

How to charge your Apple Watch

What to do if the Apple iWatch won’t charge or turn on: useful instructions

If the watch won’t charge, please don’t disassemble it by any means. Instead, you’d better follow these instructions:

  1. Make sure that the Apple Watch magnetic charging system is working properly: is it plugged in?
  2. Use the original power adapter and charging cable — the same ones that were included with the Apple Watch package.
  3. Make sure to remove the protective film from all sides of the magnetic mount.
  4. Wipe the back of the watch and its charging device.
  5. Put the smartwatch on the charger with its screen up. The magnets will align it, and the Apple Watch will start charging.
  6. If the charging process still won’t start, you will need to perform a forced reboot.

How can I charge my Apple watch without a native charger?

There are several ways to charge your smartwatch without a native charger:

  1. Choose a universal charger.
  2. Choose a universal magnetic charging cable.
  3. Connect the cable (included with the device package) to your laptop or smartphone.

In each case, you must regularly check the charging level.

iWatch won’t turn on

There might be several reasons why your smartwatch won’t turn on:

  1. The device needs charging.
  2. There is a mechanical failure.
  3. Moisture penetrated under the watchcase.
  4. The power button is broken.

In the first case, you need to charge the device. In all the other cases, you should take the watch to the service center and consult a specialist.

How to perform a forced reboot

You can only force a reboot of your Apple Watch in exceptional cases. To do this, you need to press and hold the side button together with the wheel for ten seconds. If the Apple logo lights up, it means that everything has been done correctly.

If this guide doesn’t help you, please contact Apple technical support. They will help you figure out why your Apple Watch won’t turn on or charge.

Apple Watch gets hot when charging

The watch has a temperature sensor built in that responds to changes in the internal temperature of the device. If the smartwatch heats up within the normal range when charging, then everything is fine. But if the watch turns very hot, there might be several reasons for this:

  1. A non-native charger is used.
  2. There is a failure with the operating system of the watch.
  3. There is a mechanical failure in the device.
  4. It’s the charging itself that heats up.

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