Why I can not download photos from iCloud?

Why I can not download photos from iCloud?

If you noticed an exclamation point on your iPhone photos, it means that you faced some problems:

  • there are blurry photos on your phone;
  • photos do not download from iCloud;
  • sometimes pictures do not open.

If it sounds familiar, do not panic! An exclamation point on iPhone usually calls for attention and means that memory deficit exists. The phone automatically tries to optimize storage.

How to get rid of the photos with an exclamation point?

Every iPhone is synchronized with iCloud, and the system saves in Cloud high quality picture to conserve memory resources. A blurry image — duplicate — locates in media library and it usually downloads for long time or doesn`t download at all. Photo like this is marked with an exclamation point.

Attention! Storage optimization function is default. How to turn off photo optimization on iPhone? To do this, go along the path «Settings» — «Name» — «iCloud» -«Photo» and click «Save originals»

Done! From this moment original photos and videos will be saved on the device and in the iCloud. In this way users will get rid of blurry images on iPhone.

Actually storage optimization is very useful. But it has disadvantage — opening iCloud is possible only in the area when the Internet works perfectly. However, today everything gets progress, and now we have access to the Internet in almost every place. So, keep safe your memory resources, because original photo is always available in iCloud.

Advisor to appleiwatch.name, co-author of articles. Has been working with Apple products for over 10 years.

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  1. Alex (author)

    We present to you our article «Why did an exclamation mark appear on iPhone photos?».
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  3. Egor

    After switching to the iPhone, it was unusual to see the icloud system, but I still figured it out. And the other day I have exactly the same problem, an exclamation mark in the photos. And it is fine on one, but there are about 10−15 of these were. I found this article and was happy! The solution was very simple, so I quickly changed the settings and did not encounter this problem again.

  4. Lina Ar

    I am grateful to the author of the article. So that’s why I couldn’t view the photos. I wanted to take my phone to the service to fix it. For a month, I couldn’t figure out why the exclamation point was being displayed. Once I really needed a screen of a document for a lecture at the Institute. It didn’t load in my phone and I was very upset. I thought I couldn’t rely on the phone. The teacher gave a bad mark. In this article, I learned what to do. I just needed to change the settings. I am very happy about this, I do not need to buy a new phone or fix it.

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