Why can’t I make a call with my Apple Watch?

Why can't I make a call with my Apple Watch?

Sometimes users can’t make calls with Apple Watch. To find out the reason, you need to check your smartwatch settings. It might happen that the iWatch doesn’t sync with your iPhone. You can also check whether the Bluetooth option is enabled and make sure that the settings in your smartphone are correct.

How can I check my iPhone settings?

You can check your iPhone settings using the following instructions:

  • Go to the smartphone settings menu and find «Airplane mode». Enable this option and disable it after five seconds.
  • Check the «Do Not Disturb» option in the settings and make sure that it is disabled.
  • If you have blocked numbers, go to the «Blocked» and «Call Identification» tabs.
  • Disable the «Call Forwarding» option.
  • Make sure that there is a SIM card in your smartphone, then remove it and reinstall it.
  • Make sure that your Apple Watch is connected to your iPhone or iPad correctly.

Reset your network settings. This option will reset your network settings as well as your VPN. Go to «Settings», then «Basic», then «Reset». Find the «Reset Network Settings» option.

How can I check my iPhone settings?

What should I do if everything is ok but I can’t make a call with my Apple Watch?

If everything is ok and the Bluetooth is enabled, but you still can’t make a call from your Apple Watch, please check your cellular network settings and try calling from your iPhone separately from your smartwatch. If your smartphone is capable to receive and to make calls, you need to take the watch to an Apple service center to check it for breakdowns or system failures.

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  2. Dina

    It turns out how it is all. And my sister and I racked our brains for two evenings.. It was scary, the phone turned off, but after a minute it turned on and the clock rang / We thought that the defective watch. She, in all seriousness, was going to carry them under warranty. Thank you for the information provided. We checked everything, reset the settings according to your description and it went. With your help sorted out.

  3. Kate

    Thanks for your article! I am very glad that I found it information! I bought Apple Watch a few weeks ago and everything worked perfectly. But last evening I could not make a call :(It was a shock for me! And it turned out everything was easy and simple) I acted according to your plan. Reset network settings. It really helped! Everything works fine again! Thanks you!

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