Why aren’t synchronized by Apple Watch with iPhone?

Why aren't synchronized by Apple Watch with iPhone?

If your Apple Watch doesn’t sync with your iPhone, you should check if your watch is connected to a paired device. If you see a red iPhone icon or pair it and you can’t see the «i» icon, you need to reconnect the watch to your smartphone again.

If there are no new notifications, messages or calls, the connection between the paired devices might be broken. If the watch and the paired device are not connected, the corresponding red icon will appear on the Apple Watch screen. Today we will answer the question about how to pair an Apple Watch to an iPhone.

What to do if the iPhone doesn 't see the Apple Watch

If you have problems with the connection, you need to pair your devices once again to create an Apple Watch pair. To do this, follow the instruction:

  1. Place your Apple Watch and the paired iPhone at a close distance to each other.
  2. Check whether the iPhone has airplane mode enabled and whether the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth modules are activated. This can be achieved by opening the «Manage» item.
  3. When the airplane mode icon appears on the screen, go to the «Manage» section of the menu and disable it.
  4. Restart the connected devices.


How to sync your iWatch and iPhone

If the problem persists, try breaking up and pairing devices according to this step-by-step instruction:

  1. On your watch, go to «Erase content and settings» section of the menu.
  2. On the paired device, launch the Apple Watch application, open the watch page and select Apple Watch on the screen. Activate the «i» near the clock which needs pair recreating, and choose the item that allows you to unpair the iPhone from the watch. Confirm your selection.
  3. Create a pair of the watch and the paired device once again.

If you can’t sync your watch, you may need to replace its communication modules or the Wi-fi or Bluetooth antennas.

How to connect Apple Watch to your new iPhone

To connect a smartwatch to a new smartphone, the following conditions must be met and the following actions performed:

  1. You need the serial number and the Apple ID of your device.
  2. The old and the new device must both be connected to Wi-Fi.
  3. The phone and the watch must be charged at the level of at least 70%.
  4. The old smartphone must be updated to the latest version before the operation.
  5. You need to create a backup copy of the information on your old iPhone.
  6. On your new phone, you need to log in to iCloud and restore your saved information.
  7. When the watch asks for permission to connect, you should allow it.
  8. The iWatch and the new smartphone must be located close to each other.

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