The top 8 reasons why action camera does not read a memory card?

The top 8 reasons why action camera does not read a memory card?

Many users of action cameras face a problem, when device doesn`t read a memory card. Sometimes it happens after the camera and the card work together successfully, and sometimes it happens after buying a new flash drive. Today we will tell you why the action camera doesn`t read a memory card and what you can do in case like this.

Reasons why action camera does not read a flash drive

  1. The user selected a memory card incorrectly. There are several rules about how to choose a flash drive in this article.
  2. SD card has a greater capacity, than the camera can support. In this case you can only buy a new flash drive with the right capacity.
  3. SD card file system does not match with the action camera file system. To fix it you need to go to settings menu (it can be done using the icon on touch screen or in the smartphone application). Then you should go along the path «Memory card» — «Formatting». If the card is new, «quick format» option is recommended.
  4. The memory card is locked. There is a lock switch on the side of the SD card. If you use a flash drive, the switch can move to the direction of blocking. Sometimes there is the lock on the new cards. To fix it you should displace the lock switch to different position.
  5. If you use the camera and the card for a long time their connectors can become clogged. Because of this the flash drive can be unreadable. You need to remove the card from the camera and wipe the contacts on the last one. Do it carefully. It is better if you take a cotton swab and moisten it with a little alcohol and then wipe the connector. After that you should use a dry napkin or a new cotton swab.
  6. Viruses are malicious programs that can infect the camera and the card. To solve the problem, you need to connect the camera and flash drive to the computer (do it separately) and check the devices for viruses.
  7. Camera software failed. If you use the camera for a long time, it can be reason of occurrence of operating system errors. To fix it specialists recommend to flash your camera. Each model has its own software. The action camera is usually includes the firmware. If there is no firmware in the camera, you need to go to the official website and download the firmware utility from there. Then you should connect the camera to the computer and start the flashing program. Next, follow the prompts of the application.
  8. The action camera is broken. If any of the above actions did not help and camera still does not read a flash drive, you should take it to a service center. There specialists will diagnose the device and repair it.

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    Hi there. I use my action camera really often but would never know that it could be affected by a virus! Removing the card, and wiping the contacts is another useful advice I would not think about previously. Thanks to the article, I will now pay more attention on the device and security. Waiting for my vacation to catch best video ever. My cam is ready now as well as the properly selected memory cards. :smile:

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