What size of the Apple Watch for women is better to choose — 38 or 42 mm sized?

What size of the Apple Watch for women is better to choose – 38 or 42 mm sized?

1The series of smart watches by Apple Inc. you know as Apple Watch was made for confident and independent women, who like active lifestyle. This devices have several special programs to be aware of everything that happens and don’t forget to be stylish at the same time.

iWatches made a new series of smart watches in two versions that are different in sizes. They have two sizes — 38 or 42 mm. Which one is better and what are the differences between these two tipes, you can read in the following article. Usually as a rule women like 38 mm sized smart watches and men choose 42 mm sized Apple Watch, because they look a bit too big for women.

For sure, iWatch is a very useful and moreover, stylish device. It suits men and it also suits women. But many women always think about how to choose smart watches which will not look so heavy on a small female wrist. This is the important question to ask.

Female type of watches Apple Watch
Photo: Apple Watch on a female hand

Women, who like active lifestyle

Let’s start from the very beginning. Smart watches by Apple is the best device for active women. It helps always be on the scene and also be stylish.

Female type of Apple Watch: 3 bands for women

Worldwide known corporation released three types of iWatch (you can find all Apple Watch models in the picture):

  1. Classic iWatches have clear lines and contours and minimalistic design, so because of that they will perfectly look on female wrist of a businesswoman. And stainless steel frame and band make the device so elegant.
  2. iWatches for sportswomen have a comfortable and durable silicone band with reliable lock.
  3. The Apple Watch Edition made of 18-karat gold. It is the new definition of a luxury good. Apple Inc. provided only two colors:
  • pink;
  • classic yellow gold.

But woman should choose the best type for her by herself.

Female smart watches called Apple Watch is the multifunctional and stylish device at the same time. Developers also thought about female wrist, which is much more smaller than male, so because of that the face of watches is differ.

Besides their stylish design they also convenient and simple in use, despite their many functions. Developers also thought about female wrist, which is much smaller than male, so because of that the faces of watches and bands are differ.

Women's options for iWatch smart watches
Photo: Apple Watch Women’s Options


These two devices are the same, but their size is the one and only difference between 38 mm sized and 42 mm sized watches. Also 38 mm sized iWathes looks much smaller and have smaller length of the band. The weight of devices is depends on the size of the watch.

Apple Watch for women: specs

Let’s take a look at specs of two models. It is the same for both of them.

  • stainless steel frame;
  • storage — 8 GB;
  • RAM — 512 MB;
  • Wi-Fi;
  • Bluetooth;
  • GPS.

Every Apple Watch has simple functions and special parts. 42 mm sized Apple Watch has a more powerful battery.

Why do women choose Apple Watch?

Apple Inc. is known as a company that always makes so qualitative devise, because of that iWatch has some advantages:

  1. No one can steal your iWatch. Bands always seems so easy to take off, but it is not true. It’s difficult to take it off and also after that the robber will need to know the password.
  2. You can change the Apple Watch Faces Images, so iWatch can’t persecute you, because they look like a new model of Watches.
  3. Life of the Apple Watch battery lasts one day, even when you use it all day long. It also has Power Saving Mode.
  4. Thanks Smart Watches you don’t need to take you iPhone to read your mail. You can check and manage Email on iWatch.
  5. You can have every app you want on your display. Choose icon and take it on desktop. It’s very useful for active person.

Women bands for the Apple Watch were made for independent women. Apple Watch is easy to use, despite their many functions. You can’t miss important mails, you can do sports using Active Calories app and just enjoy your life.

Elegant Women's Types of iWatch Smart Watches
Photo: Elegant female types of smart watches iWatch for iPhone

The main outcomes: what Apple Watch for women is better to choose

Having considered two models of Apple Watch, you can infer that these models are not only for men and only for women. They’re unisex. The only one thing you should not forget is the length of the band and your personal preferences.

42 mm sized Apple Watch will look a bit too big for women and 38 mm sized Apple Watch will look better. But the ball is in your court. If you prefer heavy devices and accessories, choose 42 mm sized Apple Watch.

Advisor to appleiwatch.name, co-author of articles. Has been working with Apple products for over 10 years.

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    We present to you our article «What size of the Apple Watch for women is better to choose — 38 or 42 mm sized?».
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  2. Alice

    Thanks for the help. I was doubting about the size of my future Apple Watch. Though both models are unisex and nowadays there is a trend towards masculine in female style, I prefer to note my nature and elegance. It’s important to save personality. Outside should reflects our inner world. I don’t like heavy and massive accessories. I’ve bought 38 mm sized watch. They are so cool.

  3. Eva

    It’s so good that I found your article. Now I choose a gift for my sister. She is a very active girl and dreamed about Apple Watch for a long time. Sure this useful and elegant accessory will please her. She is a stylish girl, so I will choose a classic model. I agree with the author that 38 mm sized Apple Watch will look better!
    I read the article and now I also want Apple Watch))

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