What color of the Apple Watch is better to choose?

What color of the Apple Watch is better to choose?

The Apple Watch is a fashionable and trendy accessory that suits a person of any age group, as Apple Company has created lots of Apple Watch models in different colors. Therefore, everyone can choose exactly what they need among the options offered.

Popular colors for Apple Watch 1 and 2

Let’s consider all the color options offered for Apple Watch Series 1 and 2:

  1. Silver aluminum case (Series 1 and 2) — $ 269.
  2. Space gray aluminum case (Series 1 and 2) — $ 269.
  3. Pink gold aluminum case (Series 1 and 2) — $ 269.
  4. Gold aluminum case (Series 1 and 2) — $ 269.
  5. Black stainless steel case (Series 2) — $ 549.
  6. Stainless steel case (Series 2) — $ 549.
  7. White ceramic case (Series 2) — $ 1 249.

What color of the Apple Watch is better to choose: popular colors

The most popular models are the following:

  1. Silver aluminum case.
  2. Space gray aluminum case.
  3. Stainless steel case.

They are made in black, white, silver version, which can be undoubtedly considered as classic. They match any clothing, be it a business suit or casual wear.

The pink gold aluminum case and gold aluminum case are models not for everyone’s taste, because not all users like wearing a pink or gold watch, and they do not suit any occasion. You have to admit that a woman dressed in a business suit and pink watch will look quite weird and tasteless, but a teenage girl dressed up in a Grunge style will look classy with the iWatch of such color.

A white ceramic case is the most expensive option, as it’s made of high-quality ceramics, and it perfectly fits any style. If you are not afraid of the price, then it will be quite a worthy option for purchase.

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