What does the red dot on the Apple Watch mean?

What does the red dot on the Apple Watch mean?

When it comes to the Apple Watch and the red dot on it, our imagination turns to two images:

  • the design of the Digital Crown wheel on Apple Watch 3;
  • the status icon on the screen of the device.

No other associations related to Apple smartwatch will probably come up, since no other details fit this description. Let’s analyze what both options mean in order to understand their purpose.

The meaning of the red button on the side of the Apple Watch

According to a legend, the red dot on the Apple Watch is a button that has some functionality. But in fact, things are so much simpler: it’s nothing more than a design solution. It should be regarded as a kind of a curtsey to the designers of mechanical watches that use red colour to set accents and create eye-catching details. Apple Watch Series 3 with the red button was the first one to hit the shelves with the creative design of the wheel.

The meaning of the red button on the side of the Apple Watch

The meaning of the red dot on the Apple Watch display

When it comes to the red status icon on the screen, things become even easier. It’s an indicator that was designed to provide the user with certain information. It is located at the top of the screen and it activates when a notification is recieved. To view it, the user needs to move the watch face down.

It might happen so that there is no red dot on the screen. To enable this feature, you need to change your Apple Watch notification settings by moving the slider next to the notification indicator option to the «Enabled» state.

The meaning of the red dot on the Apple Watch display

So this is the meaning of the red dot on the Apple Watch. To understand this meaning, no special knowledge is required. All you need is just to possess some general knowledge background or use a search engine to discover the correct answer.

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  2. Anton

    Also, very often, owners of Apple Watch are interested in the appointment of a red button. Sometimes you can hear that such an element is endowed with special functions. There are whole legends about this)))

  3. Ana_Alex

    My husband and I have been using the Apple Watch for a long time and noticed a red dot on the watch. I heard many different versions about this red dot. Surprisingly, this red dot does not affect the functionality of the watch. I did not know that it can be turned on or off in the settings, for me it was a real discovery. I will definitely show this article to my husband today, he should also know about this red dot.

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