What is warmup activity on Apple Watch?

What is Activity with a warmup on Apple Watch?

Apple Watch is not just a watch, but a smart device. Therefore, in addition to its main function, it can act as a fitness tracker as well and measure the user’s physical activity. For this purpose, the Activity program was developed.

What is it?

The Activity program records the amount of time that the owner of the watch spends on the move, on physical exercises and other types of active pastime. In addition, Apple Watch Activity collects user activity statistics and allows you to monitor the dynamics of this indicator.

The program interface is very clear and simple. It is presented in the form of three rings:

  • Move
  • Exercise
  • Warmup

Что такое активность с разминкой в Apple Watch?For each Apple Watch exercise ring, the user can set a specific goal. If the goal is reached, the entire ring is displayed on the screen. If the goal is partially completed, a segment will be missing. For more details on the goals achieving progress you need to move down the screen.

Apple Watch activity rings

  1. The Mobility ring visualizes the amount of calories burned during exercise or other activities. This ring is the main one. The others depend on it since their goals can be changed only together with the Move.
  2. The Exercise ring visualizes the number of minutes spent in constant activity.
  3. The Warmup ring visualizes the number of hours when the user was moving for at least 60 seconds. You can reach your daily goal by walking for at least 12 minutes for 12 hours (1 minute per hour).

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How can I change the goal or disable it in Apple Watch Activity?

  1. You need to go to the Activity section.
  2. Then go to the rings.
  3. Press down hard on the display.
  4. Now you can delete or change the goal.
  5. After performing the operation, click on the Update button.

Conclusion and video

To sum up a little: Activity is a special program for measuring the motor activity of the user of the watch. Warmup is one of the indicators for measuring this activity.

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A video that will help you understand this topic even better is available below:

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