What is a video game console: what does it used for, how does it work, review?

What is a video game console

A game console is a special computer device for playing video games. So, today we can see several types of video game consoles. One of them, called home video game console, is needed to be hooked up to a television, projector or monitor to show the image. They can’t work without a monitor. But we have another type of consoles, called handheld video game consoles. They include a built-in display. The main goal of the console is bringing joy of playing video games.

First generations of video game consoles could show images only with the help of televisions. They haven’t had their own screen. Also they could not use the Internet. Several years ago video games consoles could use only their own games which could not be opened on another consoles and devices.

Today we can see that video game console become real multifunctional machines. They can get access to the Internet and use devices like keyboards, mice and printers. Every generation of video game consoles have joysticks.

What can you do with video game console?

  1. Play online games with other gamers or alone.
  2. Surf the Internet using your browser, chatting with people.
  3. Use special apps made by company that made your video game console.
  4. Make a Skype call or chatting there.
  5. Download games and apps provided by founders of a video game console.
  6. Chatting with other users.
  7. Watch videos on the Internet or from your USB or external hard drive. Also you can download information from your console to hard drive.
  8. Listen to music.
  9. Write texts using Chrome or another browser (only with a keyboard).

Companies who produce video game consoles today

  • Sony (PlayStation);
PlayStation 4
PlayStation 4
  • Nintendo (Wii U).
Nintendo (Wii U)
Nintendo (Wii U)
  • Microsoft (Xbox).
Microsoft (Xbox)
Microsoft (Xbox)
  • Nvidia (Shield Portable).

Nvidia (Shield Portable)
Nvidia (Shield Portable)
This is the list of main producers of video game consoles.

The video game console consists of several parts

  1. The main case consists of motherboard with memory, processor, video card and hard disk drive.
  2. The power unit — the node that helps video game console connects to AC.
  3. Special cabel for connection.
  4. Input/output devices which includes joystick, racing wheel, gamepad and other devices for playing games.
  5. Data storage devices (USB flash drives, discs, memory cards).

How to use video game console?

  1. After buying and opening you should connect your console to TV (or another screen) by HDMI cable.
  2. After connection to TV you should connect it to the Internet.
  3. Wire or wireless joystick will automatically find by console, when you turn it on.
  4. You will see important icons on the main screen.
  5. You should use your browser to surf the Internet.
  6. You can find games for video game console on special discs. Before playing you should install the game. To do it right you should follow advices on the display.
  7. Games for video game console you can also find in special Store (you can find the link on display), every producer has his own store. Don’t forget to connect to the Internet to download games.

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