What index should I enter in the form when creating an Apple ID account and how can I find it?

What index should I enter in the form when creating an Apple ID account

It might seem that creating an account in Apple ID shouldn’t cause any questions, because there is a standard form to fill. In addition, the registration takes very little time. Still, many people who want to register have questions about this, and this particular category of users have doubts when entering their postal code.

Index when creating an account in Apple ID — what is it?

This is the question that nearly every user asks. This is a digital code that is assigned to certain regions or large enterprises. These codes are included in the database of the Universal Postal Union. When creating an Apple ID account, you must enter this combination of numbers.

How many digits does the index include?

There is no clear answer to this question since the number of digits in the index varies depending on the country you specify. Some people have a 5-digit code, while others have 6-digit codes.

Which postal code should I enter when requesting an Apple ID?

At first, it may seem that to avoid trouble, it is best to enter a real index that corresponds to a specific city and street. Let’s say that there are many postal codes registered in Moscow, but when registering, you should specify a combination of numbers related to the street and the number of the house where you live.

At the same time, some citizens of Ukraine, the Republic of Belarus and other countries might specify Russian addresses, while entering the indexes of their regions.

This is a big mistake. If you specify not your exact place of residence when registering, then you must enter the corresponding index.

How can I find out the postal code of a city?

Note that the unified index database is not publicly available. Despite this, you can find the zip code you need using the Google search engine. This process will take you very little time and won’t cause any difficulties even for new users.

In addition, the postal codes of large cities can be easily found on the site https://www.geopostcodes.com/.

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  1. Amanda

    I have been having my iphone 6 for more than one year. Thanks for my husband the civilization came to me! Safety play a big role nowadays. It is really good that the Apple created good security settings. Finding your index is not difficult. I always look in a special map application. Frankly speaking, I am always surprised, when I see people who do not know where they can found this information.

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