What Apple Watch to choose: with aluminum or steel casing?

What Apple Watch to choose: with aluminum or steel casing?

To begin with, the Apple Watch are available for the user in 20 different styles. And in two casing options: aluminum and stainless steel. Visually, the aluminum casing looks matte, and stainless steel is shiny.


If take usability into consideration, the steel casing is better and more practical, as all chips and scratches will be surely visible on the aluminum casing.

And they will obviously appear in the process of use, even if you are an extremely careful user. Yes, and visually the steel casing beats the aluminum one, as it looks more expensive and presentable. You’ll concede, an adult man with a toy watch on his wrist looks weird and ridiculous.

That’s a completely different conversation, if the Apple Watch is purchased for a young girl or a teenager — then a smart watch in the aluminum casing will look more appropriate, and the price will be less than for the same model in the steel casing.

Final conclusions on what the Apple Watch to choose

This question concerning the choice between Apple Watch with aluminum or steel casing cannot be answered in a simple way. Each model has got its cons and pros. It’s up to you what to choose, focusing on the price and what you want from the Apple Watch: usability or classy design. They have the same technical specifications.

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  1. Milla

    I want to buy Apple Watch as a present for my husband but I was hesitating about the casing. Your article helped me to understand difference between aluminum and stainless steel casing. As for me, it was very useful that you mentioned about usability of two these casing options. Now I am sure which one to purchase. And my husband definitely won’t look ridiculous or weird with my gift on his wrist! Thanks a lot. :idea:

  2. Alex (author)

    We present to you our article «What Apple Watch to choose: with aluminum or steel casing?».
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