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Restriction of responsibility

Owners and edition of the site doesn’t assume any responsibility for completeness and accuracy or use of information containing on a resource, and also responsibility for its updating. The data published on this website shouldn’t be interpreted as providing consultation or the recommendation, and on information provided on this site it isn’t necessary to rely as on the basis for adoption of any decision or commission of any action.

In particular, the actual results and events can significantly differ from any data, the statement, opinion, the assumption or other application of expected or perspective character submitted on this site.

The certain information containing on this site belongs to the past and, possibly, became outdated.

On this site some hypertext references on other sites are had. The site doesn’t answer and doesn’t assume any responsibility for any information or opinion, presented on any such other resource.

None of authors, participants, sponsors, administrators, operators and persons, somehow still connected with, don’t bear responsibility for emergence of inexact or false information, and also for use of the data containing on these web pages, or found according to links from them by you. You use the site Clever hours of Apple Watch at own risk!

If you need a professional advice, please, address to the professionals having the corresponding license and knowledge in the field with obtaining the written conclusion or consultation on your problem.

The site under no circumstances doesn’t bear liability for damages, direct or indirect which can result from use or misuse, information published here.

Information and its use

At visit of the Site, the Administrator’s server automatically collects information on the visitor which allows the Site to exchange data with the visitor’s computer during viewing of the Site. Besides, such information, as is traced:

  • number of visits of the Site,
  • visitors address to what sections of the Site,
  • The IP address (the address on the Internet appropriated to your computer by Internet service provider),
  • domain type,
  • browser type,
  • date and time.

These data are used for the statistical analysis, and also for administration of the Site Clever hours of Apple Watch. These data don’t contain personal information which would allow us to identify certain visitors or to define their location.

Questions of confidentiality belong mainly to personal information, that is to information which allows to identify the particular person:

  • name,
  • address,
  • e-mail addresses,
  • phone numbers.

You can provide us personal information, if during visit of the Site:

  • you adjust its interface,
  • you fill forms,
  • you take part in competitions,
  • you provide us information otherwise.

As it is stipulated below in the section «Information Transfer to the Third Parties», we don’t transfer and we don’t sell personal information to the third parties they offered you the goods and services; moreover, as it is stipulated in the section «Refusal/change of Information», we, reasonably, will take measures for removal of your personal information from our database so that further you didn’t receive from us any correspondence.

If you tell us that Apple Watch presented by you by means of our site Clever hours personal information became outdated, we, reasonably, will take measures for introduction of the corresponding corrections. For simplification of our work we ask you to report circumstances under which you provided us personal information: for example, in connection with advertizing of any concrete product or service.

Information transferred to your computer

We can keep the certain data (which are usually called by «cookie») on your computer when you look through the site or you use it. These data allow to adjust the Site interface according to your needs, and eliminate need repeatedly to enter your data at each visit of the Site Clever hours of Apple Watch. At desire you can remove these data from the computer, or block their transfer. (To learn how to make it, you can, having caused help system or having read the user’s guide.)


On this Site references to other sites which aren’t belonging to the Administrator are contained. Neither the company, nor the Administrator doesn’t control and doesn’t provide maintenance of these sites. We can’t bear responsibility for the policies and rules accepted on these sites concerning confidentiality of personal information, and we don’t give any guarantees and assurances relating to it.

Similarly, we can’t bear responsibility for policy and the rules concerning confidentiality of personal information accepted on any site from which you followed the link to our website. We recommend to you to examine policy for confidentiality of the personal information accepted on other sites and at emergence of concern or questions to address to their operators.

Information transfer to the third parties

The administrator doesn’t sell and doesn’t transfer your personal information to the third parties to allow them to offer you the goods or services.

Confidential information

The administrator doesn’t seek to receive from visitors of the Site any confidential information unless it is required under the law — for example, at involvement of candidates for work and hiring. These several types belonging to the following aspects belong to confidential information:

  • racial or national origin,
  • political views,
  • religious and to that similar beliefs,
  • membership in labor unions,
  • physical or sincere health,
  • sexual life,
  • criminal records.

We recommend to you not to provide confidential information such. Nevertheless, if you provided such information, it is considered by the Site administrator Clever hours of Apple Watch as unconditional permission to use it according to conditions of the present Privacy policy of personal information, or conditions, stipulated in a place of transfer of such information.

Conditions of use, notice and change

If you decided to visit our Site, your visit, and also all disputes concerning confidentiality of personal information are regulated by the present Privacy policy of personal information and the General conditions of use, including all restrictions on:

  • to compensation of damage,
  • questions of settlement of disputes,
  • application of legislative norms.

We reserve the right to change this Situation at any time, without notice.

In cases when essential changes are made to the present Privacy policy of personal information, we publish these changes on this page, and also we update date of the last edition in heading of Privacy policy of personal information. We recommend to you to look through regularly the page with Privacy policy of personal information to be aware of changes.

Lack of guarantees

This Site «Clever Hours of Apple Watch» it are provided to the user «as is», without any obviously expressed or implied guarantees as far as it is possible within the applicable legislation, the Company and the Administrator refuses to provide any obviously expressed or implied guarantees, including, without restrictions, implied guarantees of commercial quality, suitability for a definite purpose and patent purity.

The administrator doesn’t provide assurances and guarantees that the functions or Services provided with the Site will be carried out trouble-free and mistakes that defects will be corrected, and also that this Website and the server on which the Site is published, aren’t infected with viruses or other harmful programs. The company doesn’t provide any assurances and guarantees relating to use of materials of this Site regarding them:

  • correctness,
  • accuracy,
  • adequacy,
  • usefulness,
  • timeliness,
  • reliability and other qualities.

Some jurisdictions don’t recognize refusal of implied guarantees therefore the restrictions given above and exceptions can not concern to you.

Open character of the materials provided by the user

You shouldn’t transfer to this Site or by means of this Site any materials which you consider confidential or protected by the property right. All materials transferred by you on this Site or by means of this Site will be considered not as the confidential and not protected property rights. Except for the cases separate in writing issued agreements between you and, you provide to the Administrator:

  • unlimited,
  • irrevocable,
  • global and free license for use,
  • reproduction,
  • image,
  • public representation,
  • transfer and distribution of such information.

Besides, you agree that the Administrator has the right to use, without any payment or other calculations with you or other persons, all concepts, «know-how» and ideas which you (or other persons acting from your name) transfer to this Site or by means of this Site.

Zones of communication of users

The site may contain the zones intended for communication of users including, without restrictions:

  • electronic bulletin boards,
  • plans calendars,
  • on-line conferences (chat),
  • personal web pages.

The administrator has the right, but isn’t obliged, to control or edit any part of the Site, including zones for communication of users. Nevertheless, the Administrator doesn’t bear any responsibility for the content of the messages appearing in these zones.

Guarantee of release from responsibility

You agree to release and protect the Site administrator, and also their officials, directors and employees, from responsibility on all:

  • to claims,
  • to claims,
  • to the bases for presentation of claims,
  • to debts,
  • to losses or debt obligations, including the reasonable fees of lawyers, in that measure in what such actions are based, are result or are connected with violation by you or any other person using your password or the account, conditions and provisions of the present Agreement of the site