How to update the WatchOS on Apple Watch?

How to update the WatchOS on Apple Watch?

Sooner or later, each modern Apple device will ask its owner to update the WatchOS operating system. You can download the update on the official company website following this link. It concerns particularly all new models. Not so long ago, Apple Company released the iWatch smart watch, and now people who have these novelties can easily upgrade their operating system.

How to update Watch OS on iWatch?
How to update Watch OS on iWatch?

About the firmware in brief

The American company called its operating system on the smart watch ‘Watch OS'. The first version was released as an OTA update. Now there’s a full update of Apple Watch devices available. It is also possible to make a JailBreak for the smart watch, though it’s more typical for the iPhone. Let’s take a closer look at the software released.

How to update and flash Watch OS on a smart watch?
How to update and flash Watch OS on a smart watch?

Main points on updating the Watch OS operating system on the smart watch

  1. Happy owners of smart watches can use PowerVR SGX543 driver.
  2. With new features, the owners install the American OS based on the iOS operating system.
  3. Smart watches were released in two models, so the new software is available in two versions:
  • Watch OS 1.1;
  • Watch OS 1.2.
How to reflash and make an update on Apple Watch?
Photo: How to reflash and make an update on Apple Watch?

Instructions on how to jailbreak the device

Let’s now turn to the question of how to update the Apple Watch gadget. We’d like to emphasize time expenditures. The process itself does not require profound skills and knowledge, but you will have to spend at least 30 minutes of your free time.

Essential conditions to ensure proper work:

  • availability of the telephone nearby with the gadget;
  • charge in the battery should be more than 59%;
  • keep the gadget on the charger during this process.
IWatch Smart Watch Update
IWatch Smart Watch Update

IWatch update on the iPhone

Now we will discuss how to update the Apple Watch via the phone:

  1. Go to the Apple Watch app on the iPhone.
  2. Tap the ‘General' tab.
  3. Next you have to select the tab ‘Available software update'.
  4. If there is no new software version, then leave the app and log in again. If it does not help, you have to reboot and try again. In case of a failed attempt, you can perform a hard reboot. If there’s a message about version 1.0.1 relevance in the application, then the update is not needed.
  5. When the update is found, you have to tap ‘Download'.
  6. Then you have to perform the process of installation, paying attention to the tips and recommendations.
Flash Watch OS on smart watches
Flash Watch OS on smart watches

No charging cable

You gave to pay attention to the question of how to update the Apple Watch without a cable. There is nothing wrong or scary in this process:

  • You can first download the latest version on the phone and wait for the right moment.
  • When it becomes possible to connect to the cable, then tap the installation button.
  • The process is completed in 20−30 minutes. There have been cases when it took less time.

As you can see, the whole procedure of updating the firmware in the iWatch does not have any difficult steps and obstacles.

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