How to properly unpair the iWatch from Apple ID and iCloud?

How to properly untie iWatch from Apple ID and iCloud?

In September 2014, the world-renowned Apple corporation presented the iWatch, which could be fully synced with all company’s products. This novelty is a perfect addition to the basic device. Actually the users are given the opportunity to remotely operate the iPhone main functions with this watch; when synchronizing both devices a user should see the ‘i' button, which appears on the smart watch.

Unlink iWatch from Apple ID
Photo: Unlink iWatch from Apple ID

Procedure relevance

Some time later, the owner could be wondering, how to unpair the Apple Watch from Apple ID? Such problem often arises in a number of situations. Among other options available, the most common issue is the following:

  1. First and foremost, this procedure is performed for the purpose of eliminating compatibility issues between the mobile phone and the smart watch.
  2. When you sell one of the devices, you should unpair or unlink them so that no personal information falls into third-party hands.
  3. Problems when updating the OS.
Unlink iWatch and iPhone from iCloud
Unlink iWatch and iPhone from iCloud

Options for solving the problem on how to unpair the iWatch from Apple ID and iCloud

Both devices belong to the owner

First of all, when securing all your personal data you should be aware of the principle of cloud storage functionality. If you delete your account manually, all folders will be irreversibly erased. Therefore, the procedure of unpairing the Apple Watch from iCloud is really important. If you want to safeguard all your files, the following steps should be taken:

  1. Make the backup copy of your iOS.
  2. Go to the ‘Settings' menu, having selected the relevant option. If you need more info on how to properly configure the iWatch, then read this article.
  3. Then find ‘Delete account' option.
  4. Tap ‘Exit'.
  5. Enter the password and select ‘Delete from iPhone'.
  6. Reset to factory defaults (you may be asked to enter the ID).
  7. Any other questions arisen may be solved by calling the operator.
Apple devices, combined in iCloud
Apple devices, combined in iCloud

One of the gadgets has been sold

Let’s assume the situation that the iWatch owner has already handed over the device to the buyer. Then there is one more problem: how to properly unpair the Apple Watch from Apple ID, if one of the gadgets no longer belongs to the owner:

  1. The easiest way is to ask a new owner to perform all steps according to the above-mentioned algorithm.
  2. Of you use the cloud service and the ‘Find iPhone' service, then visit website and delete all files from there.
  3. Change the ID password, so that a new user is not able to use your account.
  4. If you completely stop using the Apple products, then deregister in iMessage.
Unlink Apple Watch from iCloud
Unlink Apple Watch from iCloud

Eliminating all information

Besides, there is an option of eliminating all information only by means of the iWatch. You should take the following steps:

  1. Enter the menu in ‘My Watch'.
  2. Go to the ‘Apple Watch' tab.
  3. Your last step is to tap the ‘Unpair' button.

If you follow all these rules, then you can easily stop synchronizing between your mobile phone and smart watch. Now you know how to unpair the Apple Watch from iCloud. This procedure is a must. Otherwise, all your files and data will fall into third-party hands.

If you want to check out the iWatch, read this helpful article before you purchase the gadget.

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    Hello, I have a problem how to untie the Apple Watch from Apple ID, as my smart watch came to a fault and I bought new, and in the settings remained the old information. After reading this article, it helped me a lot. It is available all described, step by step, we followed the instructions and we did it the first time. Thanks to the author it is very useful information. I recommend everyone to read it, as it can be useful at any time.

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