How to properly turn on Apple Watch? What should I do if iWatch does not turn on?

How to properly turn on Apple Watch? What should I do if iWatch does not turn on?

You have become a happy owner of a modern gadget, but don`t know how to turn on an Apple Watch? Then this information is for you!

Enabling iWatch

Before you start your purchase for the first time, you need to put the watch on charge and don`t touch for a couple of hours to fully charge. After all, this will guarantee a long battery life.

The first acquaintance with the smart-watches is quite an exciting moment. The first inclusion of Apple Watch may be a bit disappointing for some gadget fans of the legendary company. This is due to the fact that the time allotted to start the device is just over one minute.

Such a slow speed is a nuance, which can be fully tolerated, since such a miracle of technology is the first of its kind among Apple products. Exactly, the first launch of a smart clock is 1 minute and 10 seconds.

It is necessary to understand that in such a small device, which is the first-born of its generation, could not fit powerful iron. In this case, only the first launch of the gadget takes such a time and for ordinary users in the future this time will be reduced to «no.»

How do I start iWatch?

After unpacking the clock and visual inspection, you should activate them, i.e. activate iWatch. How to turn on Apple Watch for the first time:

  • there is a power button on the right of the gadget under the round button;
  • by tapping it, Apple’s icon will appear on the screen;
  • at what the image will be initially dull, this should not be frightened;
  • don`t press anything until the gadget prompts you to select a language.

Language selection on Apple Watch
Photo: Language selection on Apple Watch
After 1 minute and 10 seconds, you can start creating a pair of iWatch and iPhone (5 or newer model).

Creating a pair of iWatch and iPhone

First, make sure both devices are turned on, the phone is active:

  • Bluetooth;
  • Internet (mobile or Wi-Fi access).

Devises should be located close to each other. On the phone, you need to open the iWatch application.

The first activation of Apple Watch includes synchronization between devices, so the query «Create a pair» appears on the clock screen and the i icon, responding positively to it, the same manipulations should be performed on the smartphone.

Then the phone camera is sent to the device screen, a few seconds of animation — and the pair is created. Asking how to turn on Apple Watch for the first time, you need to know the following points that arise when you synchronize with your smartphone:

First turn on the iWatch smart watch
First turn on the iWatch smart watch

  1. The screen will prompt you to select the hand on which the Smart Clock will be worn; then enter the Apple ID password. «Activation blocking» will be displayed if the service «Find iPhone» is installed on the phone;
  2. All iWatch settings that are performed on the smartphone will automatically be transferred to the watches. Therefore, it is recommended to double-check them;
  3. Then create a password for iWatch, which can consist of either four digits (short password) or more (long password). It should be determined with such a setting as unlocking Apple Watch phone or vice versa;
  4. Application synchronization: clicking «Later», only messages are subject to synchronization:
  • messages;
  • mail;
  • contacts.

The process doesn`t take much time.

Apple Watch does not turn on
Apple Watch does not turn on

Why don`t iWatch smart watches turn on?

What should I do if Apple Watch does not turn on? The reasons for this may be the most common — it’s a discharged battery. To eliminate another problem, connect the device to the charging and try to turn it on by pressing and holding the side keys. In the event that the problem is really in the battery, let the battery fully charge, and then use the clock.

If after the done actions iWatch is not included, maybe the reason lies in the «glitch» of the system. Then a reboot is required. Although this wrist accessory is small enough, it is a mini-computer, and how any system can sometimes fail.

How to turn on Apple Watch for the first time
How to Enable Apple Watch?
To restart them you need to simultaneously press the side button and the Digital Crown wheel and hold for ten seconds. Don`t worry, this operation won`t lead to loss of settings and data.

Instead of the conclusion

Turning on the Apple Watch can cause difficulty in the case of a dead battery and a breakdown of the charger. When charging an accessory, make sure that the cord and the unit are OK.

In the event that this didn`t help to launch the Apple Watch system, then, more likely, it is a breakdown that carries a technical nature. Don`t try to disassemble the gadget on your own. It is better to contact the nearest service center, where the master will unambiguously determine the reason why your accessory doesn`t turn on.

Advisor to, co-author of articles. Has been working with Apple products for over 10 years.

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  1. Andry18

    It has long dreamed of buying this watch and finally a miracle happened !!! I read somewhere that there should be two sizes of the strap, but one included and it was enough in the butt. If not a big hand, it may not be suitable. So far I have decided not to wall the clock in a cheap Chinese corset. Time will tell. In general, a good toy for adult boys. I wear a week, everything is fine!

  2. Katy

    Currently, almost all popular applications can be used on this watch. I bought mainly for sports, as there is a heart rate monitor, tracking, stopwatch, applications for recording approaches and results. So I chose a budget model and knew what would be scratched … but here is a miracle 2 months of active use in the sports hall, grazing them with any objects and no scratches, not on the screen not on the case. But it was worth two days to hang out in clubs and voila 2 scratches on the screen, when you realize that nowhere they touched it too much. I have a watch in black, the paint is in perfect condition. Another huge plus — a huge number of straps on the aliexpress, the quality is not inferior to the original, at a price of 10−15 times cheaper. By its very nature, I say, it’s expensive (relatively expensive), the price tag is like an ordinary Swiss watch. In terms of functionality, I’m personally very pleased with the design, as always, the apple is on top!

  3. Erkebulan

    To tell the truth always wanted to buy apple watch because heard that its help to economy time, wearing in mountain, also when you work in office you can put phone on charge and talk by apple watch while going away 1−2 km. but after buying wasn’t able to use it properly. thanks for this post i understand a lot of how to use apple watch. now i think that should have bought it earlier. :idea: :idea: :idea: :idea:

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