Apple Watch 2 review and features: photos, design, price

Apple Watch 2 review and features

Apple Watch Series 2 is a prime example of the rapid IT development nowadays. This has led to the fact that almost every day a wide range of devices are developed and produced, and they are not only improve our life, but also increase the status of people who own them.

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What’s new in Apple Watch Series 2: Review

Apple Watch 2 presentation in San Francisco on September 7, 2016 showed that the updated version had:

  • built-in GPS;
  • powerful S2 dual-core processor;
  • Wi-Fi module;
  • long autonomous operation without recharging;
  • graphics chip.

Official presentation of Apple Watch 2
Official presentation of Apple Watch 2
These updates will help establish the exact location and route without using the iPhone: for example, while jogging or traveling.

The updated device version is equipped with a case with the water resistance of 50-meter depth. The microphone of this novelty is designed in such a way that it «pushes out» the water. Due to this feature, the accessory can be used in the swimming pool.

iWatch S2 key features

It is understandable that cutting-edge technologies have embraced such accessory as a wrist watch, making it more functional. Let’s consider the progress of technology on the example of Apple Watch Series 2 technical characteristics. Such device is not just stylish, convenient and practical thing, as it is used as a multifunctional gadget.

Apple Watch Series 2 Apple Watch Series 1 Apple Watch (2015)
Screen rectangular, flat, AMOLED, 1.5″, 272×340 (290 ppi) / 1.65″, 312×290 (304 ppi) rectangular, flat, AMOLED, 1.5″, 272×340 (290 ppi) / 1.65″, 312×290 (304 ppi) rectangular, flat, AMOLED, 1.5″, 272×340 (290 ppi) / 1.65″, 312×290 (304 ppi)
Protection against water (5 atm) against splashes absent
Band removable, leather / silicone / metal / nylon removable, leather / silicone / metal / nylon removable, leather / silicone / metal / nylon
Soc (CPU) Apple S2, 2 cores Apple S1P, 2 cores Apple S1, 1 core (С)520 MHz
Connection Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
Camera no no no
Microphone, speakers available available available
Compatibility iOS 8.3 and newer devices iOS 8.3 and newer devices iOS 8.3 and newer devices
OS watchOS 3.0 watchOS 3.0 watchOS 1.0 (update to watchOS 3.0 available)
Battery Capacity (mAh*hour) no data no data no data
Dimensions* (mm) 38.6×33.3×11.4 /


38.6×33.3×10.5 /


38.6×33.3×10.5 /


Weight (g) 25 /30 (Sport version)* 25 / 28 25 /30 (Sport version)*
Average price (for the Sport version, 38 mm) 28.500 RUR 18.990 RUR 23.280 RUR

Apple Watch Series 2 functions

The main functions of Apple Watch Series 2 are the following:

  • answering calls and sending messages, as well as the Internet access;
  • sync with iPhone by means of Bluetooth;
  • measuring the owner’s physical activity;
  • counting the number of steps taken;
  • pulse measurement;
  • counting calories burned
  • maintaining a wide variety of useful apps, as well as games.

Apple Watch 2 specifications

As for the technical specifications of the Apple Watch Series 2, then it can be called an intelligent gadget with lots of advantageous features:

  1. High-quality display with an oleophobic coating with size of 1.5 inches.
  2. Dual-core processor with integrated GPU.
  3. 1 GB of internal RAM.
  4. Built-in navigation software kit.
  5. Built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi-modules.
  6. Availability of light sensor, as well as the heart rate monitor and gyroscope.
  7. Protection against dust and water resistance at a depth of 50 m.
  8. WatchOS 3.0-based operation.
  9. More powerful battery.
  10. Sync with iPhone 5 and above.

Review Apple Watch Nike Series 2

In addition to the above mentioned characteristics, Apple Watch 2 pleases its users with a stylish look. Classy cases of new smart watches made of ceramics, aluminum or steel perfectly complement any image, emphasizing the good taste of the owner. Such material as ceramic — though it does not withstand strong blows — looks very classy and attractive.

Partnership with Nike

This model has been developed in partnership with Nike and specifically for sportsmen — Apple Watch Nike+. It differs from the rest of watches by its bright perforated bands.

Equipment Apple Watch Series 2
Equipment Apple Watch Series 2

iWatch 2 standard set

  • the device itself;
  • the box in the form of parallelepiped;
  • replaceable band — can be replaced without any problems;
  • watch charging kit (unit and cable);
  • user’s manual.

You can read more about the Apple Watch kit at the following link.

Equipment iWatch 2
Photo: Equipment iWatch 2


Apple Watch 2 is now available for fans of the company’s products in ceramic casing, which is resistant to mechanical damage, as well as in steel and aluminum casing, with several new bands, some of them are produced together with Hermes.

You can purchase this accessory at a price from 369 to 1.249 USD.

WatchOS 3 operating system

As for the firmware, the second version of iWatch can boast an updated version of the WatchOS 3 operating system. Now a number of new programs and applications are available to users:

  • Sport, including fitness, circle counting, mileage, speed, and more.
  • Pokemon GO, the game which make the whole world went mad. If there are Pokemons nearby, then the smart watch starts vibrating.
  • Handwritten text that was not included in the previous version.
Pokemon Go on Apple Watch 2
Pokemon Go on Apple Watch 2

Screen and picture quality

The second-generation Apple Watch displays images at the speed of 60 fps. The gadget size remains unchanged:

  • 42 mm;
  • 38 mm.

Different types of Apple Watch 2
Different types of Apple Watch 2
Information about the key differences of Apple Watch Series 1 and 2 is available at the link given. It is well known that the corporation refused to manufacture the most expensive version of iWatch Gold Edition this time. The smart watch in ceramics is now available only in white, they have released four colors in metal:

  • Golden.
  • Pink.
  • Gray.
  • Silver.

What is now known about the first version of the smart iWatch — against the background of the second version, the manufacturers reduced the price and equipped the pioneers with the same powerful processor. Apple Company now ranks second in the watch world after Rolex.

Release Apple Watch 2 generations
Release Apple Watch 2 generations
Besides, as a result of the presentation and overview of the Apple Watch 2, which took place on 7 September, 2016, it has become clear that the gadget will be equipped with a watch face of enhanced brightness, which is even easier to configure. That makes it possible to see the image even in the scorching sun.

Kind of conclusion

We hope that this comprehensive review of the key characteristics and functions of the Apple Watch Series 2 device will convince you that when buying this gadget, you will get a great ally in your everyday activities and it will obviously simplify your life.

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