How long will the Apple Watch battery last?

How long will the Apple Watch battery last?

If you have not heard anything about the Apple Watch and its battery power during the time of autonomous operation, then it’s high time to get to know it better. This new gadget looks like an ordinary wrist watch. However, the developers call it «smart»:

  • it’s fully computerized;
  • it works in sync with your iPhone;
  • it has a flexible sapphire crystal display;
  • it has a microphone and speaker for listening to music.

With this watch you can make calls or send a message to 12 contacts at once. It’s an extremely convenient function if your activities presuppose regular communication with people.

This product can be also used as:

  • pedometer;
  • heart rate monitor.

How much does an Apple Watch battery hold?
How much does an Apple Watch battery hold?
And it has enough memory to download:

  • your favorite music;
  • photos;
  • video.

Will it be enough for me?

In general, Apple Watch is a multifunctional product that has enjoyed popularity among customers for years. However, with the modern fast rhythm of life, people often have got a question: Will I have enough time of gadget charge?

Whether you are on the road or at work, you always want to be in touch and online. Sure, there is a portable charger available, but no one wants to take an extra object with them. It is better to purchase a device that does not die at the worst possible time.

Is the Apple Watch battery running out fast?
Is the Apple Watch battery running out fast?
The iWatch is tailored for active people, who move and work a lot. In this regard, we can assume that the watch should work without recharging for at least 8−10 hours. According to the study, the Apple Watch battery lasts for 18 hours. Sure, this time may vary depending on how actively you use the gadget:

  • conversations;
  • checking mail;
  • listening to music;
  • fitness workout;
  • configuration.

The battery life is also highly dependent on the settings you have set. Most likely, the battery will last even longer if you send a couple of messages and that’s it.

If you are fond of chatting, then we warn you that iWatch lasts only for 3 hours.

How fast does the Apple Watch battery discharge and recharge?

The smart watch battery has a capacity of approximately 200 mAh. According to technical specifications, such capacity should be enough for one day of use. But many buyers complain that the device battery dies rather quickly. Here’s the Reserve Strap battery.

Reserve Strap in iWatch
Photo: Reserve Strap in iWatch
You can charge the Apple Watch in 150 minutes (approximately 1,5 hour). Unfortunately, studies have shown that during this time period you can only charge the battery up to 80%. To have full 100%, you have to wait at least one more hour.

We have already mentioned that there are many ways to prolong battery life. There are some more ways, designed specifically for these smart watches:

  • disable Siri, physical activity;
  • automatic device activation;
  • decrease screen brightness.

Apple Watch battery lifespan in figures: 1000 recharges

Apple Company has announced useful information concerning its Apple Watch. It has been reported that the new models of smart watches are equipped with a battery with a capacity of 205 mAh. Thus, in total, the initial 100% level is designed for 1000 recharges.

Let’s assume that an average user charges the Apple Watch every day (which is not surprising, because the watch performs more functions than any other smart watch), then the watch will serve him up to three years.

Fortunately, the device has Power Reserve mode that allows you to significantly save the charge level, which is enough to operate this device for up to 3 days.

After three years, according to Apple Company, the working time will be noticeably reduced. In any case, 1000 charge cycles are a great number. The iPad can boast only half of this figure. Compared to other Apple gadgets, smart watches will serve their owner rather long, if not the longest among others.

Offline operation

But Apple Company knowingly called their watches «smart». The iWatch has a Power Reserve feature. This is a shutdown of all functions except time display. It means that the gadget goes offline, and in this mode its battery lasts almost 72 hours, if you don’t check out the time every 10 minutes.

Power Reserve feature in iWatch
Photo: Power Reserve feature in iWatch
It’s worth noting that the Apple Watch kit includes a wireless charger, which is a great advantage. You can charge your watch anywhere:

  • in the park;
  • in the street;
  • in the woods.

So, you’ve purchased a smart watch, actively use it and suddenly you find out that its battery will soon run out. And where to see how much charge is left? It’s quite easy:

  1. Slide your finger up the screen and you’ll see the Preview list.
  2. Now slide the finger sideward (it doesn’t matter right or left), find the Preview screen, which displays the battery charge level.

Many of us are still used to old mobile phones, which can be disassembled and assembled as a construction kit. Apple Company decided to recall those olden days and made some details of the smart watch easily replaceable. The battery is one of them.

Kind of conclusion

It is worth noting that smart watches not only consume energy, but also replenish it. For instance, you save on charging your iPhone. With the iWatch you less frequently use your mobile phone, so you save energy on it. But there is also a stumbling block here. The watch will still take some percent of the charge, anyway.

The Apple Watch will be an excellent gadget for modern and active young people, for those who prefer the company’s products and enjoy using them.

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