Smart alarm for Apple Watch with sleep phase adjustment

Smart alarm clock for Apple Watch with sleep phase adjustment

Smart watch manufacturers make them interesting for consumers not only thanks to the original design, but also through various:

  • applications;
  • useful functions.

They, no doubt, make happy owner or pleasantly surprise. As, for example, a smart alarm clock for Apple Watch, which doesn`t emit sound and has water resistance. Instead of the usual sound signal, the gadget will move and tap on the wrist.

Such a mild awakening will perfectly suit sensitive people and won`t cause restlessness to others. Although, with frequent application, such a vibration develops a habit and it isn`t work no more

Technology Taptic Engine
Photo: Technology Taptic Engine

Taptic Engine technology for iWatch

The Taptic Engine technology wasn`t develops separately for iWatch, but was borrowed from fitness bracelets. Unfortunately, for many, this function and the other «through time» can be completely useless, since most people put their chronometer at night to be charged. In this case, you will have to use standard methods.

How does a smart watches collect data?

Smart watches determine the quality of sleep, based on such indicators:

  • the pulse rate (with its help the phases are different);
  • human activity;
  • pressure.

Observation will help at home to establish how effective the rest was. Depending on the result, it will be possible to draw conclusions and further improve your schedule. The organism will thank you with excellent state of health and high efficiency.

A familiar method

In Apple Watch, the alarm is activated only in conjunction with the night mode. It runs in two ways:

  • from the iPhone through the «Basic» tab in the application «My watch»;
  • directly on the device, including Nightstand Mode in the main settings.

Nightstand Mode
Nightstand Mode
After setting the time of the signal and setting up the gadget, you can put it on the charge and go to sleep. At the same time, the numbers on the screen noticeably increase, which allows a dark night and at a distance to easily discern time.

What are the inconveniences?

There are some inconveniences in the work of «sleepy» applications.

  1. In order for the smart alarm clock to ring in the right phase, and the program gave the results about the quality and duration of sleep, the device should always be on hand, and this is inconvenient. And if the strap is from metal? It will crush.
  2. If the watch is on the wrist both day and night, then the question arises when to charge them. This will have to be done in the morning during breakfast or before going to bed, the good of the hour is enough for the gadget to work all day.
  3. By default, the device has settings that include a smart watch screen when the wrist is raised. Excess light can wake up. The only way out is to disable this feature, but then it will not work in the evening; you will have to change the settings daily.

If such shortcomings don`t frighten you or they are immaterial — you can safely use the available programs.

A pleasant awakening

Among the applications for Apple Watch is an alarm clock that distinguishes the phases of sleep using a tracker. He independently determines the optimal time for awakening. Such a device is suitable for those who do not need to wake up at certain hours and run to work. iWatch will determine at what time it is better to wake up their owner, so that he is full of strength and vivacity all day.

Taptic Engine Technology

iWatch will signal the need to wake up with a beautiful melody, which is abundant in this application. If desired, you can use:

  • your favorite tracks;
  • pick up music to fall asleep if it’s difficult to relax after a busy day.

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  1. Nikolay Po

    Recent research by Japanese scientists has shown that lack of sleep provokes cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and obesity. Therefore, it is important to monitor both the duration of sleep and its quality. The first point is clear, but what about the second? Owners of smart watches of the apple company can breathe out with relief, after all the alarm clock on the apple watch, which monitors the person’s movements at night, is designed.

  2. Dima Venger

    One of the best apps specializing in smart awakening. The program with the help of the gyro monitors how the user tosses in the bed, and with the help of a microphone analyzes the sounds produced by him. Based on this information, the application understands what stage of sleep a person is in and wakes him up at the most optimal moment. The device should be placed next to the pillow, the screen down and hope that in a dream the phone from the bed will not fall. At first, the application will need to be calibrated, rotated on the bed. In full force, it will work for 2−3 days of use.

  3. Irina1110

    The world of technology does not stand still. Another novelty — a smart alarm clock for Apple Watch with adjustable sleep phase. At first, she apprehensively installed the application, but then was very pleased, waking up is really pleasant. Does not cause irritating emotions, gives a positive attitude for the whole day, just a class. I recommend to use the novelty.

  4. Alex (author)

    We present to you our article «Smart alarm for Apple Watch with sleep phase adjustment».
    We are waiting for your questions, suggestions and feedback on the topic.

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