Does the Apple Watch support a SIM card slot?

Does the Apple Watch support a SIM card slot?

The Apple Watch can be rightly called an example of a high-quality gadget. But the reason why it failed to gain the leadership on the market of smart watches is its total dependence on the iPhone. It is the phone that help reach the lion’s share of all iWatch potential, and without the phone it becomes just a nice accessory.

In this regard, all fans of Apple products have a question when the smart watch receives its autonomy with all possible functionality without being dependent on the smartphone, and whether the Apple Watch will have a SIM card slot?

Does the Apple Watch support a SIM card slot?
Does the Apple Watch support a SIM card slot?

Half the answer to numerous requests

Finally, the company can give the answer. Having heard the users' requests, the developers decided to update the model. It will differ in the following aspects:

  • improved power;
  • performance;
  • more capacious battery reserve, though the case becomes thinner.

The watch will also have the option of mobile communication. Though it will be necessary to pair iWatch with the iPhone again. However, the developers promise to think about the possibility of independent mobile communication in the next model of Smart Watch Series 3. To this effect, you have to insert a SIM-card in the Apple Watch in order to have the following functions:

  • making calls;
  • texting;
  • choosing your route without addressing to the iPhone.
iWatch with sim card
iWatch with sim card

Challenge for the future

The developers of smart watches have challenged themselves to make any new application for the device work independently from the smartphone and be completely autonomous. In future they’re going to add an option of inserting a SIM card for iWatch. This will have a positive effect on:

  • watch response speed;
  • application functionality speed.

Now they no longer need to always require permission from the phone.

IWatch smart watch SIM card
Photo: IWatch smart watch SIM card

Unfulfilled dream of the smart watch 2nd model

Apple Company presented the second version of iWatch at the press conference in San Francisco in the fall, but unfortunately they could not meet the expectations of all fans. This is mainly due to the fact that the smart watch design remained virtually unchanged, and was only perfected.

The functional component has really taken a great step forward. Support for the SIM card in a new version of the Apple Watch unfortunately has never been implemented, however, the company has offered a number of other features:

  • availability of a GPS module that does not depend on the iPhone;
  • use of dual-core processor, which increases speed;
  • waterproof, allowing you to swim in the pool and dive to shallow depths;
  • a choice of several casing types made of white ceramics, aluminum, stainless steel.
Slot for a sim card in the smart watch Apple Watch
Slot for a sim card in the smart watch Apple Watch

iWatch interface

The iWatch relies on the WatchOS 3 OS, which is marked by the following features:

  • starting third-party programs from the watch face;
  • added Dock panel;
  • a simplified shopping principle at the Apple Pay store.

Conclusions on whether the Apple Watch supports a SIM card slot

Thus, at the moment, most regrettably for all fans of Apple products, not a single version of the Apple Watch supports a SIM card slot. However, the company developers have promised to make a try to implement such feature in a future gadget version, for example, as it has been done in one of the copies of the original smart watch (see the video).

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  2. Lisan

    The article indicates the moment of creating an analogue with an embedded SIM card slot. I had experience using such a device! And you know, it is incredibly convenient! The only thing that always feels is that this is not the original! Like anyone else, I’m waiting for Apple Watch support for a SIM card. Well, it would be nice, in my opinion, to think about a more compact design! Otherwise, Apple Products can not be compared with analogues of other, no less well-known companies! :idea:

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    You need to get to the point!

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    It is a pity that Apple has not yet created such a watch with SIM card support. My friend bought such a watch, I first did not understand why there is a SIM card, because the watch is designed to just watch the time, she tried to convince me for a long time that it is really convenient and eventually gave it for a couple of days. I fully understood the beauty of such a watch. For example, when you go for a run and there is nowhere to put the phone on your hand there is a watch that supports communication or if you are cooking and you can not pick up the phone, in General, the female sex should definitely evaluate it. Of course, you can feel the difference between the original, but it’s worth it. ;-)

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