Application for tracking and analyzing sleep for Apple Watch

Application for tracking and analyzing sleep for Apple Watch

Recently released Apple Watch has become for many an indispensable gadget, combining the amazing opportunities of the world of high technologies and, importantly, modest dimensions. This device remains with the owner even during sleep, if he wants to have a broad idea of ​​this in many ways unconscious and therefore very mysterious process.

How does it work?

The method of tracking and analyzing sleep using Apple Watch can be based on different indicators:

  • the heart rate, which is known to vary with the phase;
  • sleeper`s.

Sleep Tracking and Tracking Apps for Apple Watch
Sleep Tracking and Tracking Apps for Apple Watch
Information about the using the first option is absent yet, although the function of calculating the pulse and pressure on iWatch are present. It is used by romantics, exchanging the indicators of their heart with the other half. Another option is already used by programs available in the App Store.
Sleep Analysis on Apple Watch
Photos: Sleep Analysis on Apple Watch

What have we today?

The most popular application in this segment is Sleep ++. Sensors that fix movements in a dream, allow to determine how often the user tossed and, accordingly, how deep was his rest. In use, this sleep tracker for Apple Watch is simple:

  • you need to put the device on your wrist;
  • flip on the application before going to bed;
  • when you wake up, stop tracking with the help of a special button.

Sleep++ Tracker for iWatch
Sleep++ Tracker for iWatch
Smart watches, thanks to Sleep++, can display sleep phases and their quality through graphs. It is quite remarkable that in a relatively fresh update the application was replaced not only by design, but also by the analysis algorithm. Now Sleep ++ integrates with HealthKit, which became very pleasant news for long-time users of this.
Monitoring using Sleep++ application
Monitoring using Sleep++ application
Monitoring sleep on iWatch can now be evaluated in the form of detailed statistics that will allow you to view trends and usage activity in different time intervals, such as:

  • days;
  • weeks;
  • months.

On this possibility of the program does not end, Sleep ++ even learned to recognize fluctuations in time zones to track sleep and while traveling


We must to say those 1.5 years ago, the Apple Watch team was replenished with Roy Reiman, an expert in improving the quality of sleep without drugs. This step indicates that the company may intend not only to optimize the devices for «sleepy» programs, but also to create one that will embody the user-friendly interface and the amazing possibilities of modern electronics.

Sleep monitoring on iWatch smart watches
Sleep monitoring on iWatch smart watches
It is likely that soon the application with the name «iSleeping» will win the hearts of millions of users around the world, giving everyone the opportunity to track their sleep phases on Apple Watch, as well as providing a professional level of even a shallow but significant medical examination. Perhaps this will be another plus in favor of the eternal question of why iWatch is needed.

Instead of concluding

Thus, the release of new smart watches from the corporation didn`t coincides with the advent of a modern tracker application for sleep from Apple, which isn`t ruled out in the near future.

However, already now in the App Store there is a good program Sleep ++, which perfectly describes what is happening with a man asleep with a bracelet on his hand. But we all understand that this is far from the limit of the capabilities of sleep tracking applications for iWatch.

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