Configuring notifications for Apple Watch and what if they don`t arrive?

Configuring notifications for Apple Watch and what if they don`t arrive?

The person who purchased the new accessory — iWatch, in any way will face the problem of alerts. According to the statistics sent to Apple support, the question of setting up notifications for iWatch was and is one of the most popular. This is due to the fact that users suffer from excessive sufficiency of various useless notifications, and this is all the consequence of haste in the course of the settings.

In this process, it is very scrupulous to treat every detail, because it depends on her further pleasure and convenience of operating the watch, which is important.

what to do if they do not come notice on iWatch?
what to do if they do not come notice on iWatch?

Setting up notifications Apple Watch

Setting up notifications Apple Watch has two types:

  1. Standard — is to accept a parameter from the beginning of pairing iWatch with iPhone. In this outcome, the user will receive all the alerts in a row.
  2. Custom — will help you individually configure each phone application, in terms of reminders. A person will be able to sort out all unnecessary notifications and unnecessary notifications.

Notification indicator in Apple Watch
Photo: Notification indicator in Apple Watch
Of course, choosing everything in a row with the click of a button is much easier than spending 20−30 minutes on customizing (especially for lazy ones). But for that after, you won`t have to worry about trifles, about received reminders, as they will come much less often.

Standard setting of Apple Watch reminders

When pairing iWatch watches with iPhone, you are given the election. They appear 3−4 pieces, but in all cases there are 2 options:

  • yes;
  • no.

Depending on what choice you make, the content and number of received reminders depends. Also, there is a choice that will send messages about crashes, problems to Apple’s support service (to improve the accessory).

Notices for Apple Watch
Notices for Apple Watch

How to configure notifications for Apple Watch in user mode?

  • If you decide to take a detailed look at the messages received on iWatch, then it will take at least 20 minutes. Because you will have to separately configure each application, specifically alerts from it. What will set up a certain type of notification (it should be noted that it is carried out on the iPhone, in the application «Apple Watch», which appears after pairing).
  • Notifications from the program «Activity» — will help the user of the clock determine the choice of reminders about upcoming tasks for implementation, as well as reports on their progress. It is better to immediately eliminate the unnecessary and leave the most necessary.
  • Calendar notifications will notify a person about planned or upcoming events. This is useful for busy people who, at work, do not pay attention to numbers and forget about, let’s say, family holidays or «red numbers».
  • Notifications from e-mail will help you monitor all incoming messages that come to your address.
  • The settings in the «Messages» section allow the user to customize the sound of received messages, the frequency of re-sending and other.
  • Reminders for the phone can only be turned on and off and select a type. They don`t have particularly decomposed parameters, since they don`t matter much to the user.

It is worth noting that in order to access additional, custom parameters; you need to click on the appropriate button — «Customs». It makes it possible to individualize the message system.

Set up a notification between iPhone and Apple Watch
Set up a notification between iPhone and Apple Watch

What should you do if notifications aren`t receive on Apple Watch?

Users-beginners often face the fact that alerts to smart watches don`t come. This problem is resolved in four ways:

  1. Reboot the device.
  2. Repeat the procedure for creating an iPhone and iWatch pair.
  3. Check if the notification is enabled on the smart clock (don`t forget it can be turned off).
  4. Also, the reason for the lack of notifications on Apple Watch may be the reason that the watches isn`t on the user’s hand, that is, he took them off, they lost contact with the skin and moved to block mode. To get out of it, you need to put the watch on your hand, enter the password and everything — the problem is eliminated.

Set up notifications in iWatch
Set up notifications in iWatch
Apple has provided the opportunity in a smart watch; respond to messages received on the phone. This is very convenient, because sometimes you don`t want to reach into your pocket to get an iPhone and answer a friend. And it haven`t sense, if you have a smart watch!

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