How can you reset Apple Watch to factory default?

How can you reset Apple Watch to factory default

Due to the loss of data necessary for logging into the system, a systematic malfunction or some other reason, the most reasonable solution will be, in addition to collecting all the settings to the factory default Apple Watch:

The most relevant, fast and easy to perform is the way through the application on the phone, with which the iWatch smart watches is interfaced. The only condition for using the application on your smartphone is:

Smart watches are blocked with a user password. This is necessary to preserve the security of the owner of the gadget, but often there are situations where access to the password is lost.

Therefore, many are interested in what to do with loss of access. There is no way to reset the password, saving the data on the device. It is necessary to completely clear the gadget. There are two ways to do this:

  • Using the Apple Watch application on an iPhone that is paired with an iPhone.
  • Use the side button on the smart clock.

Before you reset Apple Watch to factory settings, make sure that access is lost permanently, because all data will be permanently deleted. To correct the situation, only the backup function will help, the use of which will restore the dumped device to a previously saved state. Backup does not save the password, so its use is safe in case of loss of access.

Also, the function of resetting to the factory settings will be useful when the device malfunctions (incorrect application operation, false sensor triggering and similar problems).

If there is no clock-connected iPhone, you can proceed as follows:

  • Connect Apple Watch to the magnetic cable to charge Apple;
  • Press and hold the side button until the «Off» slider appears;
  • Press hard on the option to turn off the clock;
  • Select «Delete all content and settings».

After the data is deleted, you can sync again with the iPhone (create a pair), and when prompted, select the option «Restore from backup».

Reset settings using the Apple Watch and iPhone devices

Answering to the main question of the article, how to reset the gadget to its factory settings, you should start with the fact that the watches is required primarily to block them. To do this, intentionally or accidentally, the owner blocks all data by entering an incorrect password for 6 attempts.

After that, you need to enter Apple Watch, which allows you to monitor the operation of the device, on your iPhone and reset all work to factory data. If you want to understand how to do Jailbreak, you should study the above link.

Resetting settings with Apple Watch and iPhone device
Resetting settings with Apple Watch and iPhone device

  • In the «My hours» tab it is enough to proceed to the «Basic functions» section.
  • Select the «Reset» step.

Through the existing «Delete content» option, you can easily remove all your information and get back to the original view menus and top iWatch action. It is worth noting that the backup copies of the Smart database aren`t store, and therefore you run the risk of losing data.

Return to factory formations using the side button

If you haven`t access to your smartphone or your account, you can delete existing options and reset them using a charging cable. To do this, you need to:

  • connect the watches to the iPhone charging cable;
  • press and hold the button for a long time in the side panel.

Return to factory formations using the side button
Photo: Return to factory formations using the side button
After such manipulations:

  • «Off» appears on the screen;
  • holding the shutdown button again select the function «Erase existing content», which will be displayed on the Apple Watch screen.

Instead of the conclusion

After the performed manipulations of the program and actions, the factory settings in iWatch will be reset, and due to further pairing with the phone, you will be able to recover your data through the resume of the backup.

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