Release date and the first rumors about Apple Watch 4

Release date and the first rumors about Apple Watch Series 4

Today Apple Watch 3 is the most advanced gadget among all the models of smart watches. However, like any other device, it has its own pros and cons, and its functionality has definite limits. Some months ago the administration of Apple announced about the release of Apple Watch 4. We will consider technical features and advantages of this model of the device in this article.

Apple Watch 4

When will the release of Apple Watch 4 be?

Apple Watch 3 was released on September 22, 2017. So we can hope that Apple Watch 4 will be released in September, 2018. However, the exact date of the release of iWatch Series 4 is still unknown. The supposition is based on the fact that the presentation of Watch 2 took place in September, 2016 but the time can be a little longer because 17 months passed between the release of devices of the first and the second generations.

The cost of the model of the fourth generation of a popular series of gadgets is also unknown. As the developers say, the price will be like one of the previous version (320−350 $). It should be noted that the above cost is actual only for a base 38 mm model.

When you choose a 42 mm version or additional options such as LTE, enclosure and strap made from expensive materials, the price will be essentially higher.

What is worth being expected from the new product Apple Watch Series 4?

The binding will be equipped by a special mechanism that exactly fits watch bracelet under user’s arm, providing comfort wearing and high accuracy. The option that allows to measure user’s respiratory rate can possibly be included in the device. There is also information that the device can be produced in a round enclosure. In addition, the majority of functions of Watch 3 will definitely remain in iWatch 4. These functions are:

  • Optional LTE connectivity;
  • GPS;
  • Heart rate monitor;
  • Waterproof assembly;
  • Superb shockproof design with a square screen.

Smart watch of the fourth generation will also be available in two sizes:

  • 38 mm;
  • 42 mm.

The option of contactless Apple Pay payments will also remain. The changes will mainly affect the chips of the gadget. New Apple S4 will be included in them. It will lead to:

  • Performance improvement,
  • Increase of data exchange with iPhone.

We can also suppose that iWatch 4 will work under the operating system WatchOS 5.

New look of iWatch 4
Foto: New look of iWatch 4

Technical parameters of Apple Watch 4

Today it is not known exactly what technical parameters smart watch of a new generation will have. However, it became known from the informal data that functionality of the device can possibly be refilled by the following functions:

Let’s consider these items in detail.

Compatibility with Android

There are rumors that iWatch 4 will support Android. It is clear that the administration of the company would want their production to work only with other Apple devices because it leads to people’s staying in one system. A user isn’t going to switch on Android if he has already had Apple.

Increased timing of autonomous operation

iWatch 3 can work without recharging for quite a long time. At least, if LTE isn’t used, the charge is enough for not less than two days. However, the charge of many fitness trackers is enough for about a week. It is not worth expecting that Apple Watch 4 will work in such a way but any innovation in this sphere will be deservedly appreciated and can possibly approximate the gadget to similar devices of other brands.

Additional features for fitness

According to its technical parameters smart watch of the third generation represents a unique combination of:

  • A fitness bracelet,
  • A business tool.

However, most of users insist on the introduction of new options for health and fitness, for example:

  • The sensor of breathing frequency;
  • The level of oxygen in blood;
  • Calories counter;
  • Daily activity counter.

Charging for Appe Watch 4

Apple Watch has been trying to become more adapted for fitness for many years. So, the developers of the company carry out various testings among the users of smart watch of the brand. The functionality in this sphere can significantly be complemented in Apple iWatch of the fourth generation.

Siri Update

One of the few complaints in the review of Apple Watch 3 was about the incorrectness of work of Siri. The program often doesn’t recognize commands because of language features of users of definite regions. Finally, it can lead to a complete refusal of using Siri because in such situations it is quicker and easier to perform steps manually. Problems with software and connectivity interfere with work of smart watch.


National and foreign specialists agree that the fourth generation of Apple smart watch can become a universal gadget for decision of:

  • Daily issues,
  • Business issues.

This is the next path on the way of improving of mobile devices with the purpose of creating a product that can combine all the modern technical opportunities. In comparison with a previous model:

  • Productivity will increase,
  • Working speed of smart watch will increase,
  • Design of the product will be significantly renewed.

Release date and cost of Apple Watch 4 are only rumors and you shouldn’t unconditionally believe them if you are going to buy this gadget.

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