Apple Watch 5: Release Date, First Rumors and Possible Features

Apple Watch 5: Release Date, First Rumors and Possible Features

Apple Watch Series 5 is the next version of Apple famous smart watch to be released in 2019. Basing on the previous years of use, we are presenting some features, and have also listed several important aspects we’d like to see in the new smart watch. We’re going to describe all the features of the future gadget in more detail and reveal some interesting secrets.

Brief announcement of iWatch 5

  • Expected release date is September 2019.
  • Available in sizes of 40 and 44 mm.
  • Material: aluminum and stainless steel.
  • OLED screen.
  • Expected cost is around 500 USD.

Apple Watch 5 Release Date

Apple Watch Series 5 release date is scheduled for September 2019, but it will take a little longer to see this smart watch on the market. If we compare Apple Watch 5 with the previous series, then we can say that they were always released in September. However, there were some exceptions to the rule. For example, Apple Watch 1 was not released in the fall. Taking this fact into account, we can assume that a new smart watch is likely to appear in September. Sure we are eager to test a new model as soon as possible, but we’ll have to wait at least till September 2019. But for now, you can purchase the 4th series, as it’s got quite good functionality.

Apple Watch 5 release
Photo: Apple Watch 5 release

How much will the new Apple Watch 5 cost?

Speaking about Apple Watch 4, it costs $ 488 for models with a 40-mm case of smart watches. If you prefer to get a more functional model equipped with 4G technology, a steel case and some other addons, then you’ll have to pay a couple hundred dollars more.

If we take into account these aspects, the price of the Apple Watch 5 at its release date will be approximately the same. Clearly, it’s too early to talk about its exact cost.

Functions and specifications

Apple Company has long understood that smart watches are an excellent way to increase their profits and launch really marketable and highly demanded gadgets. It is worth noting that the Apple Watch 5 is actually a small smartphone on your wrist, which can:

  • identify your health problems;
  • monitor your heart rate and other characteristics.

Regarding the iWatch 4, Apple Company has decided to add narrower screen edges, as well as the interface, located at the corners of the gadget. There is a high probability that these efforts will not be futile, and the same developments will be applied in new smart watches.

A brief announcement of Apple Watch 5

You can hardly expect any changes in the face design, shape of smart watches and so on. Everything will probably remain without substantial changes. However, Apple will obviously try to improve the battery, as well as to expand some functionality. Due to the fast processor, all operations will occur as quickly as possible and without lags.

Some features used in the 4th generation may be also enhanced in the Apple Watch 5. These features include:

  1. Sleep tracker.
  2. Glucose.
  3. Additional fitness features.
  4. More heart functions.
  5. Other sports.

All of them may well be used in the iWatch 5.


It should be also noted that in order to become familiar with some Apple Watch 5 functionality, you only have to use WatchOS 6, which will be released shortly. It may well be that the beta version will be available in early 2019 or in the spring of the same year. If we talk about the full version, then it will appear approximately in early summer of 2019, and this version will be actively used in the Apple Watch 5.

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