How to properly reboot Apple Watch?

How to properly reset the smart watch Apple Watch?

A new modern Apple gadget — smart iWatch — has already gone on sale. In the process of operating any electronic mechanism, the user always wonders: «How can I reboot it?» The same goes for any Apple Watch. One more brand new product from this world-renown company definitely guarantees seamless operation of this gadget, but nevertheless you have to know all info about the device — from its pros and cons to how to activate it in a proper way.

Operating the Apple Watch

In the process of operating their smart watch, any user may find themselves in a desperate state when they can’t go back to the previous menu. It is recommended to perform a hard reset. Or, if the watch is fully «frozen» and has stopped responding to all user commands, then the rebooting procedure is obviously needed, as you can no longer keep on operating your Apple Watch. You don’t want to perform a full reset to factory defaults, do you?

This procedure won’t require any extra skills or additional efforts, as this device is designed as a very simple gadget.

What does the gadget consist of?

There’re two buttons on the iWatch case, and using them you can fully control the operation of your device. These buttons are absolutely similar to iPhone concerning their functionality:

  1. The side button performs the same actions as the Power button on the iPhone.
  2. Pressing the second button you give the «Home» command, but that’s not exactly a button — it’s a digital head — Digital Crown.

It’s quite easy to perform the Apple Watch rebooting procedure, you should just repeat the sequence of actions a couple of times so that it is deeply rooted in the memory. The process of rebooting iWatch can be done by means of two methods.

How to correctly reboot a Apple Watch?
How to correctly reboot a Apple Watch?

Method One (power off the Apple Watch completely)

  1. Press ‘Power' button and hold it down for several seconds till the menu (Power Off slide) with buttons appears:
  • «Power Off»;
  • «Power Reserve»;
  • «Device Locked».
  1. Select ‘Power Off' option in the menu and wait till the device is turned off completely.
  2. Press and then hold the side button once again and release it only when you see the Apple company logo.
Photo: Smart Clock Overload iWatch
Photo: Smart Clock Overload iWatch

Method Two: How to properly reboot Apple Watch smart watches

  1. Press both Digital Crown and ‘Power' button at the same time. Hold them down for 10 seconds.
  2. Once you see the Apple logo on the screen, then the rebooting process is completed, and you may release both buttons.

Kind of conclusion

There are no special secrets or peculiar techniques concerning the issue on how to properly reset or reboot Apple Watch:

  1. Method 1 allows you to perform the standard procedure of rebooting your device: you turn off or power off your iWatch, and then restart it.
  2. Method 2 is more hard and can be used only in exceptional cases, when your watch stops responding to any attempts to operate it.

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    In my opinion, the apple company is inventing too much new, although this is understandable, since they are trying to become the best on the market without question, because at the moment there are many other not unknown companies, regarding the watch, I had 3 watches, I don’t understand why add so much new, I think that this reset button is not needed, all models have many different useful functions, I think that should have been enough. ;-)

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