Is the protective sapphire glass necessary on the Apple Watch?

Is the protective sapphire glass necessary on the Apple Watch?

Unusual watches with special features is an accurate description of the Apple Watch product. And it surely belongs to the range of state-of-the-art technology, requiring careful use and screen protectors. Human hands perform lots of movements every minute, often touching:

  • different objects;
  • hard surfaces.

Such contact can leave even a small scratch, so think about the result of such «contacts» on the watch case. Visible cracks are a very unpleasant sight for an Apple Watch owner. It is possible to get rid of small scuff marks, while major damages can make all model electronics inoperative, if there is no protection on the device screen.

Glass is a perfect protection

You really cannot predict everything that will happen during the day. But, as they say, it’s better to be safe than sorry. This leads to the conclusion, that additional protection will always come in handy.

Installing a protective glass has become the best solution and efficient barrier. A sensitive smart watch screen will be damaged even with the slightest mechanical impact. Needless to say, what can happen after a hard blow. In such case this additional glass may crack, but it will still provide proper performance and an attractive look.

Sapphire glass weaknesses

  • It substantially distorts the quality of images in a very bright light, significantly affecting OLED-display optical characteristics. Reading the image is getting more difficult.
  • Contrasting effect decreases.
  • Color has a tendency to shift.
  • There are problems occurring in human visual perception. Regarding all this aspects, sapphire glass loses to typical glass.

Sapphire glass advantages

  • Sapphire glass prevents the ingress of water and dirt due to its structure.
  • It is able to withstand strong blows and other mechanical impacts.
  • Watches are more prone to such impacts than phones or other gadgets. So, it’s quite logical to use this material.

Experts have pointed out that it’s necessary to improve sapphire optical characteristics without changing its resistance to damage. Anti-reflective coating could obviously help manufacturers during the process of such improvement.

Apple Watch Sport

Apple Watch Sport is protected by a special glass called Ion-X. It is used not only in this model, but also in the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus. Unlike sapphire crystal, it reflects half as much of light.

OLED Display

Apple Watch models have got an OLED display. Its location is indicated under the protective glass. Manufacturers have not used it earlier, but it perfectly conveys color calibration and provides awesome color reproduction. More energy is consumed by a blue color, and experts are trying to minimize it. This factor will prolong the device operation.

In summary, the experts have said that sapphire glass has a remarkable reflection property, but it does not properly transmit bright light. Before buying this gadget you have to think over all pros and cons of sapphire glass, which really affects the model. But don’t forget about the main advantage of this watch — that is a highly rated OLED display.

Kind of conclusion: Is the protective sapphire glass necessary on the Apple Watch?

Before being distributed in retail outlets the Apple Watch protective glass was thoroughly tested for compliance with certain requirements. It has been proven in practice that:

  • it has a durable structure;
  • it withstands really hard blows;
  • it prevents the ingress of moisture and dust;
  • it provides convenient and safe operation for users.

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