IPhone SE 2 review: release date, characteristics, price, advantages and disadvantages

iPhone SE 2 review

In January 2018 there were rumors that Apple company going to announce the release of the new iPhone SE 2. Everybody thought that presentation will be in March 2018. However the long-awaited model appeared on the market neither in March, nor in September, nor in 2019. Besides this there was no official announcement from the company.

On October 3, 2019 Ming-Chi Kuo, authoritative Apple analyst, gave a hope that the compact phone SE 2 will be released in February 2020.

It was supposed that the new model will replace not good enough, by the standards of the company, iPhone X, but after it was discontinued, there was no replacement.

Why are we waiting for iPhone SE 2?

The first Apple`s budget iPhone SE appeared in 2016, and in 2017 it had a little upgrade. Today a price of the first model is about $ 300. During the sales period (3 years have passed since the release) users understood that Apple gadgets can be affordable for everyone. Despite the low cost SE has a powerful processor and can be able to perform the most functions that have expensive models.

iPhone SE 2
Photo: iPhone SE 2
That’s why people can`t wait for the new SE 2. There is suggestion that a price of the gadgets will not exceed $ 399.

IPhone SE 2 design

According to Ming-Chi Kuo, the new model will look like iPhone 8 that will be discontinued in February 2020. But SE 2 compared with eighth version will be more powerful. Apple decided to reduce the price of the gadget on the flagship hardware.

Предполагаемый дизайн iPhone SE 2
Photo: The alleged design of the iPhone SE 2

IPhone SE 2 characteristics

  1. Apple A13 Bionic microprocessor (all the leading models have this one).
  2. The operating system has 3 GB of total memory.
  3. Function of night mode.
  4. If it`s convenient to compare SE 2 with iPhone 8, camera of the first one will be 12 megapixels. But, unfortunately, there is no wide angle lens, because the cost of the phone is too low.
  5. Probably a back cover will made of glass like the eighth version.
  6. Diagonal dimension of the screen will be 6,1 inches, like the first Apple budget phone. However there are rumors that display diagonal will be 4,7 inches.
  7. It is predicted that SE 2 will have 2 slots for SIM-cards. Finally the company understood that it is comfortable.
  8. If the back cover will made of glass, the model will have wireless charger.
  9. There are home mechanical button and thin bezel in the gadget.

Whether the rumors are true (even though they were from authoritative sources), we will find out in February 2020, but for now we can only guess whether iPhone SE 2 will be released or not. However, if it does not happen, then we will never see the second version of the compact budget device.

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