iPhone 12 review: what`s new? What about characteristics, price and release date?

IPhone 12 Review

There were rumors on the network about twelfth version of the iPhone before the iPhone 11 was presented. People say, that new phone will get an opportunity to be sold in 2020, and Apple company have revealed information about new generation of the iPhone. Today we will tell you about the iPhone 12 design, what functions it will have and what will changed compared to 2019 version. The article is based on the reliable sources.

New version`s design

IPhone lovers will be glad to know, that twelfth version will get the brand new design. All iPhones from the sixth had the same look, and despite some changes did not look different.

One of these days the most famous analyst Ming-Chi Kuo reported good news to large public: new gadgets will have metal cases with new structure, what will make them look like iPhone 4. But anyway new phones will have round-edged displays.

There are few things that had hinted about rectangular shape:

  • last iPad Pro has the same edges;
  • Apple company won a patent that shows a device with modern design and squared-edged display.

iPhone 12 in the style of iPhone 4 (concept)
Photo: iPhone 12 in the style of iPhone 4 (concept)
Today new smartphone looks great with metal edges and front and back glass body.

The analyst noticed that iPhone 12 design will be something new thanks to all decisions.

Besides Apple company is ready to apply special manufacturing technologies. They will not use stainless steel anymore because it makes worse cell phone signal. Decision like that will increase manufacturing cost by 50 dollars and will affects the price of the finished product.

Design iPhone 12 (concept)

IPhone 12 cameras

There is opinion that iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max will have four cameras:

  • 12 megapixels wide angle camera;
  • 12 megapixels camera with telephoto lens;
  • 12 megapixels super wide angle camera;
  • 3D Time of Flight camera.

The last one will be the second special thing after design. It can measure the distance from the lens to object with high accuracy. The sensor take a measurement of signal`s flight. That`s why it is called «Time of flight». 3D-camera will give a lot of new opportunities:

  1. User will get high-quality photos. Especially this will be noticeably in portrait mode.
  2. Camera will expand possibilities of using virtual reality function. Users can scan objects from real life and then use their images in mobile applications.
  3. Camera will complement Apple smart glasses that are expecting in 2020. 3D Time of Flight camera and new glasses will have common functions and interact with each other.

Cameras in iPhone 12

New gadget`s accessories

  1. There is new 5-nanometer processor inside the phone.
  2. 7 inches screen has tiny frames. Smartphone may have 120Hz OLED display.
  3. There are Face ID sensors in the upper frame.

IPhone 12 price

The price of the new phone will increase because of new manufacturing technologies. The twelfth version is the completely new Apple model that will be getting a progress every year. Now the cost of the basic model is about 63 990 rubles.

Date release

Apply company has planned to present iPhone 12 in the first half of September 2020, after this everybody can buy new product in the second half of the month.

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