iPhone 11 review: what’s new, specifications, price, release date

IPhone 11 Review

Each year, Apple fans are looking forward to September. This month the company is announcing new iPhones that many customers would like to buy before the official presentation of the gadget. This year Apple introduced iPhone 11.

iPhone XR has garnered quite mixed reviews from the online community. Some people praised it highly, while others hated it actively. Yet this doesn’t change the fact that the XR model became the most popular iPhone ever and made really good sales. iPhone 11 should be considered its direct «heir».

IPhone 11 design

In its weight and dimensions IPhone 11 is absolutely identical to XR. Externally, it’s almost the same phone, if you look at it from the front. However, if you look at the back of the case, you will be able to notice certain changes.

Packing iPhone 11
Packing iPhone 11
The phone is available in six colors:

  • White.
  • Black.
  • Product red.
  • Mother-of-pearl green.
  • Yellow.
  • Delicate purple.

Options iPhone 11
Photo: iPhone 11 Options
The Apple logo moved to the center of the back cover — maybe, in order to make it easier to place iWatches and AirPods for charging. All the inscriptions were removed from the bottom of the back panel, only the serial number is left on its usual place.

Updated cameras iPhone 11

Now there are 2 of them (3 in Pro version):

  • Regular wide-angle.
  • Ultra-wide angle with a 120° viewing angle, but without autofocus.

New software algorithms were introduced to process photos. The image is very natural, even in poor lighting conditions.

There is a new night shooting mode that doesn’t turn the night into a day or an evening, but delivers a realistic image.

When the picture is taken with the ordinary camera, it’s taken «through both eyes». It enables the owner to add more details during processing. Additional information is stored on the phone for 30 days, then is deleted.

IPhone 11 technical specifications

  1. Apple A13 microprocessor with 7 nanometer technology showcases excellent results. A13 is a 6-core processor with 2 powerful cores and 4 energy-efficient ones.
  2. 4-core video chip (Apple in-house development).
  3. 4 GB RAM.
  4. The smartphone can be submerged in liquid to a depth of 2 meters. This was made possible by IP68 technology, according to the IEC60529 standard .
  5. Dolby Digital sound.
  6. Retina HD display, 6.1 inch diagonal, 1792×828 pixel resolution.
  7. iOS 13 operating system.
  8. 2 slots for SIM cards.
Coloring iPhone 11
Coloring iPhone 11

For your reference: no other smartphone available on the market today can boast of Benchmark characteristics (system performance test) equal to iPhone 11. Yet the main mission of the company is not to increase productivity, but to provide people with the most convenient, simple and high-quality product. Picking up the device, the user shouldn’t think about its numbers and statistics, but rather just be sure that the phone has all the necessary features.

Advisor to appleiwatch.name, co-author of articles. Has been working with Apple products for over 10 years.

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  1. Alex (author)

    We present to you our article «iPhone 11 review: what’s new, specifications, price, release date».
    We are waiting for your questions, suggestions and feedback on the topic.

  2. Dumitru

    And again Iphone amazes us with new technologies, this time they have really worked on the performance of the phone, and the first thing you notice on the iphone is that it has 2 Sim slots, always being in the first place on the antutu, the new A13 processor makes its competitors forget about the 1st place and be satisfied with the 2nd and 3rd places. I'm satisfed with new Iphone and wait Iphone 12. :idea: :cool:

  3. Elizaveta

    I have been a fan of the IPhone brand for a long time, since my first IPhone 5 model won me over with its functionality, convenience and features. A couple of months ago I thought that I want to have the best model of this brand and after a long search on the Internet and reading the reviews I realized that I will take the IPhone 11. Now using a new phone for 2.5 months I understand that my investment in this gadget is absolutely worth. Now I can replace the computer with it due to its high performance speed. I’d like note that my favorite color is delicate purple.

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