How can you install the WhatsApp messenger on Apple Watch?

How can you install the WhatsApp messenger on Apple Watch?

Analysts consider Apple Watch as one of the most popular gadgets. But despite the prevalence of applications for iOS, their installation is often problematic. Not an exception to the general rules becomes the question, but how do I install WhatsApp on iWatch and receive correct notifications? In order to understand this, we recommend that you read through to the end of the review. For those who aren`t familiar with this messenger, we suggest you look at the official website of the company here.

In addition, you may be interested in other popular programs for exchanging Viber messages or Telegram messengers, more about which you can read on the required links.

Apple Watch is classified as a mini computer, not an ordinary watch. It performs many different functions and opens the newest stage of the history of smartphones. Although the popularity of smart-watches is growing exponentially, especially after it became possible to call with iWatch, there are not so many additions to them.

The great news for fans of smart watches is that they work with a popular sms-client.

Briefly about the main: notifications in messages in WhatsApp on iWatch

WhatsApp for Apple Watch doesn`t differ from the classical version of the chat application, as the notices on the gadget come the same. This is a full-fledged messenger can be downloaded from the official website by reference, and it performs its standard tasks.

How can you install the WhatsApp messenger on Apple Watch
Photo: How can you install the WhatsApp messenger on Apple Watch?
The platform allows you to:

  • send messages;
  • edit contacts;
  • save the history of correspondence.

As in the usual version, you can choose:

  • liked sound alerts;
  • vibration;
  • or just a banner on the display.

Developers have taken into account that using smart watches is inconvenient to type messages. For the comfort of users, a voice set was created.

There is a function that:

  • accurately perceives speech;
  • encrypts it;
  • automatically goes it on display.

Notifications in messages in WhatsApp on iWatch
Notifications in messages in WhatsApp on iWatch
In order to put and configure the chat-addition, you do not have to put much effort into it. The operating system will copy the selected settings, with your iPhone synchronized with the smart watch

Installation and operation

WhatsApp isn`t a standard add-on, which is so easy to install on Apple Watch and receive the necessary notifications. In order to configure it, we initially download it from and authorize it on the iPhone. Next: App Store

  1. You need to open the iWatch program on your smartphone.
  2. In the appeared context menu, to select programs, click on the item «Search» or «Selection».
  3. Click on the icon of the desired program, and then wait for the download to finish on the gadget.

An application can request your password — an identifier. Enter it.

Notifications in messages in WhatsApp on iWatch

But to load is the half of the matter. The user needs to manage the program. Since the application is used on two gadgets at the same time, they must synchronize and transfer new information to each other. In setting up a smart watch you are given two options:

  • «install everything now»;
  • «install everything later.»

If you select the first option, then the program that you installed on the phone automatically transmit information and in iWatch.

If you choose the second option, because you do not need additional applications during the installation, then separately in WhatsApp settings, enable Apple Watch sync from iPhone before the button / i icon appears and receive the necessary notifications.

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  1. Vladimir13

    WhatsApp can often be found on more affordable devices, however, its simplicity and convenience are the factors that spodvigli developers create a version for Apple Watch. To work in the service on a high-tech gadget, you do not have to tediously and tediously set everything up: thanks to a single account, all infa with Vacap will be the same on the clock and on the iPhone

  2. Jimmy

    When turned on, the watches quickly found the iPhone and synchronized. You can call using the headset as a sound and loud. Good software that shows activity. Once an hour, if there was no activity, asks to get up and look like a minute. It is very useful for sedentary occupations not to forget about activity. Reminds of the necessity of breathing exercises, I tried — liked it.

  3. Anil

    Hi I’m searching for watchup on my iPhone here in the App Store in Usa and cannot find it. Is it only available in Europe? If so, any suggestions on how to download this over here in Usa?

  4. Alex (author)

    We present to you our article «How can you install the WhatsApp messenger on Apple Watch?».
    We are waiting for your questions, suggestions and feedback on the topic.

  5. Richard K. Charette

    I recently purchased an Apple Watch. From the beginning it was a bit difficult for me to get used to it. I thought I was throwing money in the wind. I was not aware that applications can be installed on it. After reading this post I fell in love with it. WhatsApp installed on Apple Watch is one of the reasons why I decided not to break up with it, always having the chat with my friends even when the phone is still charging. You are very good, make such posts to discover the full functional richness of the Apple Watch.

  6. Andy Miller

    Although downloading the app didn’t cause any difficulty, it took quite long time to install it. Having read the article I used the second option provided by the author. Synchronization with the mobile phone took a few seconds, and the devices successfully exchanged the data. It really helped a lot finally. Thank God, I am able to send messages and see all WhatsApp notifications using my iWatch now.

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