How to properly transfer music from VKontakte to Apple Music?

How to properly transfer music from VKontakte to Apple Music?

VKontakte has limited access to its API for third-party developers, therefore such programs for transferring music to Apple Music, like SoundPort, are no longer accessible. It also needs to be mentioned that VKontakte does not provide any chance to either export playlists to other music services, or download them as files, for example, in the PLS or M3U format.

However, there is a BoutNew service that can convert a playlist on your VK page into M3U or PLS files. Such playlist can be imported into Apple Music by means of Soundizz. And then you can listen to music on your iWatch or iPhone.

How to transfer music from VK to Apple Music by means of BoutNew

Your music files should be accessible to all users if you want to export a playlist from VKontakte. Change your privacy settings if audio access is restricted. When the process of exporting is completed, you can restore your previous settings.

Exporting procedures:

  1. Open your VKontakte page in the browser.
  2. Go to the link ‘My Audio Records'.
  3. Copy the page ID that is specified in the address bar of the browser to the clipboard. For example, if the page address is, then the page ID are those numbers indicated after audio — 4,094,271.
  4. Go to
  5. Click the ‘Create playlist' button. The button is in the screen center.
  6. Paste the page ID into the ‘Page ID' field.
  7. Then you should enter the number of records you want to export to the playlist in the ‘Number of songs' input field.
  8. Tap the ‘Create playlist' button.
  9. When the export is completed, download the playlist by tapping the ‘Download Playlist .M3U' button.

Boutnew service for transferring music from VK

How to import a playlist with Soundiiz

Soundiiz services should be paid for, but there is a free tariff plan with some restrictions: you can transfer playlists up to two hundred tracks between platforms. If you have more music tracks, you can choose one of two actions:

  • to subscribe;
  • to split one M3U file into several smaller ones and transfer the music one by one.


  • open;
  • tap the ‘Go to app' link in the top right of the screen. You will be redirected to the login page;
  • create an account and sign in to Soundbiiz. You can also log in through Google, Facebook or Twitter;

Soundiiz main page for transferring music from VK

Photo: Soundiiz main page

  • tap the ‘Import Playlist' button in the upper right corner of the screen. You’ll see an import dialog;
  • tap the first point in the ‘From File' selection list. This point is intended for importing a playlist in M3U format;
  • tap the ‘Select a file from your computer' area and select the playlist that has been exported from VK. When the file processing is completed, you will see a list of music tracks that has been recognized by Soundiiz;
  • tap the ‘Confirm Tracklist' button;
  • enter the name of this imported playlist and tap the ‘Save Configuration' button.

Completing the transfer of music from the VC in the service Soundiiz

When you see the list of services where you can import a playlist, then select ‘Apple Music'.

What you have to know when you use the service for the first time

If you use Soundiiz for the first time and have not yet provided an access to your account, then after you select Apple Music for import, you see a window with the request to connect Soundiiz to Apple Music. Tap the ‘Sign in to Apple Music' button and provide an access.

Advantages of this method

Despite the two-step transfer, compared to the transferring procedure by means of SoundPort, this method has certain advantages. The exported playlist can be played in any popular audio player, for example, in VLC or Foobar2000. And in the Soundiiz service it is possible to transfer music not only from VKontakte to Apple Music, but also between more than twenty music services available on the Apple Watch, iPhone:

  • Spotify.
  • Yandex.Music.
  • Google Music.
  • YouTube.

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