How to lock and unlock the Apple Watch?

How to lock and unlock Apple Watch?

If you have purchased the Apple smart watch, have not yet fully grasped all its options and do not know how to unlock or lock the Apple Watch, then this article is just right for you!

In order to protect the smartwatch, the device asks you to enter the pin code I the process of initial setup. If you take the watch off your wrist, it’s automatically locked, and you have to enter the code on the onscreen keyboard. PIN code is needed to protect all information stored in the device. Besides, it is impossible to use the Apple Pay app and make payments from plastic cards without the password.

Due to the fact that the watch has a relatively small screen, to enter the code manually is not that easy. You can enter the wrong combination because of really tiny buttons. In order to make things easier for you, it is advisable to use the iPhone. But you need to configure appropriate options to get these two devices to be synchronized.

Smart watch lock and unlock iWatch
Photo: Smart watch lock and unlock iWatch

Setting up the iPhone and iWatch

Step-by-step guide for setting up the phone

  1. First open the Apple Watch App.
  2. Then select ‘passcode'.
  3. Set the unlocking mode at the same time with the iPhone (Unlock with iPhone). Tap ‘On'.

Step-by-step installation guide for the Apple Watch

  1. Open the Setting app.
  2. Find ‘passcode' in the list.
  3. Set the ‘Unlock with iPhone' mode to unlock the iWatch at the same time with the smartphone. Tap ‘On'.

How to lock and unlock Apple Watch
How to lock and unlock Apple Watch
After that the Apple Watch can be locked in the following way:

  • you have to tap ‘Digital Crown' icon on the watch face;
  • the backlight is activated, and instead of entering the PIN code you can unlock the phone with a finger touch or by means of the password.
lock and unlock iWatch
lock and unlock iWatch

How to lock the iWatch?

This modern gadget is called ‘smart' not by chance. Unlock / Lock technology is developed in a way that the smart watch responds to the contact with the wrist. Once it’s taken off the wrist, it’s automatically locked. Therefore, if you carry the watch in a bag or a pocket, nothing can happen to it.

Apple Company has taken measures to ensure the safety and security of its client data. If the watch falls into the wrong hands, nothing will happen to your information and finances. When the Apple Watch is locked, it’s impossible to perform any acts with it.

In addition, early last year, they developed the program, which can help you lock the lost iWatch via your telephone.

How to unlock the Apple Watch using the iPhone?

You should perform the following steps directly on your phone:

  • Start the watch program.
  • Go to the ‘Passcode' section.
  • Swipe right on ‘Unlock from iPhone' option.

On the smart watch:

  • Go to the watch settings.
  • Find the ‘Password' option in the list.
  • Swipe right on ‘Unlock from iPhone' option.

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