How can you measure the pressure on iWatch using Apple Health?

How can you measure the pressure on iWatch using Apple Health?

With the release of the new iWatch 2 and the WatchOS 3 operating system, the functionality of the smart watch has increased. The installation of a new dual-core S2 processor increased the speed and functionality of operations by 1.5 times.

Principle of operation of the Apple Watch pulse monitor

The Apple Watch pulse sensor operates on the principle of photoplethysmography. Blood reflects red and absorbs green — this fact underlies the technology that uses green LEDs paired with sensitive photodiodes.

The diodes located on the back of the Apple Watch flicker with a frequency of several hundred flashes every minute. And with a weak reflection of the signal, the frequency and the flicker strength increase to ensure maximum accuracy in determining the pulse.

With each contraction of the heart muscle, the blood volume in the wrist increases, and in the interval between the blows it contracts. Apple Watch measures this frequency based on the amount of green light absorbed by the blood.

Expanding the functions for measuring pressure

For users who trainings sport, the important thing in determining your own well-being are several indicators, which can be obtained by applying options, for example, to measure pressure on Apple Watch or iPhone. When designing smart watches by designers, special attention was paid to the functions that reflect the condition of the athlete’s body.

measuring pressure in iWatch
Foto: measuring pressure in iWatch
Many users ask a question, how we can measure the pressure on iWatch? The presence of a function that allows you to measure pressure using Apple Watch helps to determine the location (height above sea level) involved in sports. Using a barometer, you can record some indicators of the athlete’s physical condition during training.

The accumulated information helps to make an objective picture of the state of the organism for a certain period of time, including under intense loads, controlling its state, preventing overloading.

Correct measurement of pressure on iWatch using the Apple Health program

Using Apple Watch, pressure is measured using the Health program called Health Kit, which is a set of services, various interfaces designed for installed applications.

Measuring pressure in Apple Watch
measuring pressure
The user in the management of functions activates the Apple Health program, which has an extensive database about:

  • the state of health,
  • body temperature,
  • the state of the body of the trainee, for a certain period of time.

You can get acquainted with the information by sending a request using the panel. By activating the application, the user can receive various indicators, including pressure.

It must be taken into account that it is also possible to get acquainted with the necessary data from other programs used on similar watches from other manufacturers, such as:

  • Witching;
  • Garmin.

Extensive list of indicators of the program Apple Health is superior to today’s smart hours, but with each update, the functionality of using smart-watches increases, allowing you to get more information about human health.

Display information on pressure on a smart watch
Display information on pressure on a smart watch
The Apple Health program is installed on the iPhone model platform and supports data exchange with a smart clock:

  • 5;
  • 5S;
  • 6;
  • 6S;
  • 7;
  • 7 Plus.

Instead of concluding

Data about status athlete`s health condition, including pressure and pulse, are stored only on the smartphone without the use of additional platforms, cloud structures to increase the degree of file security, although it complicates the exchange of data.

Processes for the exchange, storage of data are concentrated in the smartphone, due to the lack of additional special websites. Only data is synchronized by using the appropriate applications.

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  1. Lili

    The pressure measurement function became the deciding factor for me when buying Apple Watch. Since I often suffer from increased blood pressure, I often had to use a tonometer, but it was very uncomfortable, because it is not always at hand. With Apple Watch, I now have no problems with this. It is only necessary to choose the program Health Kit, as all the data before your eyes. This allows you to determine the problem in time, if you have not had a headache.

  2. Tiffani

    Changing the pressure with the help of Apple Watch helped me to refrain from using a tamometer. Now everything has become much easier. Also, this function helps to measure the pressure in sports, now you can monitor changes in your body with the help of this function. This feature is easy to use by people of all ages. It is especially useful for older people who suffer from high.

  3. Ann

    I always have to control my health. It’s very important thing for me because I have some problems with it. The pressure measurement function on iWatch became a real find for me. I monitor my body weight regularly. Sometimes I have to do some exercises. iWatch helps me to control my arterial pressure and pulse when I go in for sport. So I really know how many exercises I can do today.

  4. Alex (author)

    We present to you our article How can you measure the pressure on iWatch using Apple Health?".
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