How to use the Apple Watch without the iPhone and how can the watch be useful?

How to use the Apple Watch without the iPhone and how can the watch be useful?

First of all, it’s worth mentioning that you cannot expect the full battery performance of the Apple Watch without the iPhone, because if you want to start work and add Wi-Fi to your watch, you will need at least the iPhone 5.

Options of Apple Watch work without the iPhone

There are two variants of using the Apple Watch without the iPhone nearby:

  • connected to the Internet;
  • fully autonomous work.

Apple Watch

When Wi-Fi is available

You can control Apple TV and other smart appliances in your house by means of smart watches, but first you have to adjust connection between devices. The following actions are also possible:

  • simple dialogues with Siri;
  • check out the weather, read a popular article from Wikipedia, see football match scores.

But do not forget about standalone Wi-Fi-supported applications (Instagram, Twitter, etc.). Besides, now all applications in the AppStore are adapted for the WatchOS 2 SDK and they can work without being connected to a smartphone.

Without Internet access

Apple Watch Series will be able to perform their immediate function of a smart watch even without Internet access, so you can do the following:

  1. See the time and use the timer, alarm clock or stopwatch.
  2. Track your physical activity, heart rate, breathing and your goals with built-in applications.
  3. Set reminders and events in the calendar.
  4. Play music from a synchronized playlist (up to 2 GB of third-party files).
  5. The similar situation is with viewing photos, you just have to save them in ‘Photo' app on the iPhone, and then on the smart watch.
  6. Make payments with Apple Pay.

Time display

Apple Watch is, first of all, a watch, so its main function is to show the time. If you don’t have the iPhone nearby, you can customize and edit the watch face and use the calendar. If you use the Magnetic Charging Dock, then this device becomes a real electronic clock with the alarm function.

Time Display on Apple Watch

Playing audio and viewing photos

The amount of memory for music is 2 GB, and for photos — 75 MB. Though the amount of internal memory is 8 GB.

In any case, listening to the tracks and viewing the photo gallery without a smartphone is quite possible. If you want to enjoy music by means of the smart watch, you will need either the wireless AirPods, or any Bluetooth-equipped headset.

View photos on Apple Watch

Fitness Activity Monitoring

The smart watch is able to count the number of your steps, burned calories, heart rate, and so on. All information received is synced with the smartphone. It helps you track your activity during the whole day.

So it’s even more important for you to have the Apple Watch than the iPhone.

Making Payments with Apple Pay and Wallet

You can make a contactless payment with Apple Pay on your smart watch and without the phone, as the device has a built-in NFC.

Passbook is the former name of a very convenient Wallet app. Having retained the concept of its predecessor, the «wallet» stores all information about credit cards, your ID, movie tickets, boarding passes, but not in monetary terms. Choose the necessary information you have to submit from the list, and just place the device to share it.


In conclusion, we’d like to point out that the Apple Watch Series was created as an addition to the iPhone, which also monitors your health, so it can’t work absolutely without the phone.

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