How can you check Apple Watch by buying? Checking IWatch by serial number (IMEI)

How can you check Apple Watch by buying?

Innovative iWatch watches will cost the buyer a large checks, so by buying a similar gadget handily or not from the official representatives of the company, you can stumble on:

  • the stolen product;
  • Chinese copy.

Therefore, customers wonder the question arises about how can you check the watch Apple Watch?

Original or copy?

The easiest way to distinguish a Chinese copy, which unscrupulous sellers can give out for the original products. Official smart watches:

  • devoid of any connectors;
  • for charging, the technology of magnetic induction is used;
  • a connector for a sim or SD card is an insult to iWatch.

The products of the famous American brand look completely different, every detail, every rounding and every pixel of the screen is exactly where it should be. Chinese copies are made very roughly, with irregularities and defects, both in color and in shape.

Even if the copies are externally indistinguishable from the original Apple Watch, which is almost impossible with a detailed examination, the internal filling of counterfeits will surely put a point in this dispute. Instead of a proprietary iOS with a great design and high-quality language translation, the copies use:

  • an adapted version of Android;
  • Chinese version of unknown firmware.

In addition, it will be useful to read an article on the topic about what is difference ROSTEST from EUROTEST for Apple Watch on this link.

New or pre-owned?

But if forgery from the Middle Kingdom is clear, and identify it will not be difficult, then how to check smart watches when buying in a store or from hands? Even by buying an entirely new device, there are no guarantees that it is really new.

The fact is that some Russian businessmen purchase original products not from Tim Cook’s company, but from third parties whose stolen products are refilled and sealed again in the original packaging.

IMEI or serial number of iPhone and iWatch bundles
IMEI or serial number of iPhone and iWatch bundlesh
In the picture it is written:

Essentials of the device

Name Apple Watch

Songs 0

Photo 1

Programs 1

Capacity 6.1 GB

Available 5.8 GB

Version 2.0 (13S330)

Model 993−3302LL / A

Serial Number C02WKHOP7FFB

Address Wi-FI 00: 00: 00: 00: 00: 00

Bluetooth 00: 00: 00: 00: 00

My Watch View Selection Search

IMEI or serial number

You can learn the history of iWatch’s origin without leaving the cash register of the store. It is enough to find IMEI (in the settings or on the box) and check it on one of the official websites with databases on mobile devices. Such a site can become a resource:

Verify the right to support and entertainment

Check the status and eligibility of Apple's warranty to purchase the additional AppleCare service right

In the picture it is written:

Check the status and eligibility of Apple’s warranty to purchase the additional AppleCare service right.

Enter the serial number of the hardware

Find out how to find the serial number

Enter the code


Serial number authentication on the Apple website you can find out the status of the device activation by IMEI or by the serial number indicated on the package on the official website Checking Apple Watch by serial number will show information about the activation status:

  • not activated;
  • activated;
  • blocked.

How to check Apple Watch by imei

In the picture it is written:

Activation lock: on

Apple Watch, serial number: FHLQ1Q99G9JK

October 5, 2015 At 19:06

To have possibility for someone else able to activate and use this Apple Watch, you will need the Apple ID and password of the current user.

Check another device

Also, by serial number, you can find out the exact date and time of blocking or activation. If instead of new iWatch in the store trying to sell used, then:

Previous Next

Activating Apple Watch
Activating Apple Watch
In the picture it is written:

Activate Watch

At the moment this device is tied to Apple ID (a*****

Log in with the Apple ID that was used to configure this device.

Apple ID

Password Required

Help with activation

  • At line with the exact date will be the date of the device’s early activation.
  • If the watch is stolen, the device will be locked in the activation status. This lock is almost impossible to avoid on the latest versions of iOS, as it is impossible to access the application store or enter through your profile.

Deactivate iPhone and iWatch
Deactivate iPhone and iWatch
In the picture it is written:


Apple Watch Case 42 mm — Stainless steel

Mark as missing

Break pair with Apple Watch

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Deactivate iPhone and iWatch

Instead of a conclusion

If you buy from official dealers, you can`t worry about the legal purity of new smart watches, then when you buy from hands, the probability of getting legal problems complete with the new iWatch is much higher. Checking smart watches Apple Watch when buying from hands has no different from checking new ones, except that after disclosing the seller will try to hide.

Advisor to, co-author of articles. Has been working with Apple products for over 10 years.

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  1. Tatyana Kirsanova

    Currently, the stores sold a large number of different gadgets, including Apple watch. But there are many unscrupulous manufacturers that produce low-quality, defective product or forgery from China. Apple Watch is an expensive and fashionable gadget, so you want to buy an authentic copy, not a Chinese fake. This article describes in great detail the methods of checking Apple Iwatch watches and on what grounds you can determine their authenticity.

  2. Vladi

    Nowadays, very often you can find a fake at the price of the original, as well as unsuitable for use products that are difficult to see with the naked eye. But the worst thing is to buy a fake from Apple, because it is not cheap (of course, I’m ready to give the requested sum for the quality, but what we are talking about if the thing is not real). Thank you very much for the article, it is very useful not only for the consumers of this company, but also for the users of all equipment.

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  4. Mary

    Some days ago my neighbour suggested buying an Apple Watch. The price was suspiciously cheap, so I wanted to buy it. But also, because of the price I was hesitating. I surfed the Internet and found your article. After reading it I found out some useful tips. When I checked the watch it’s appeared that it is not new. Moreover it had been fixed. Thanks a lot for your article. You helped me to save my money! :idea:

  5. Tatiana

    Recently I started looking for a new clever wristwatch and chose an Apple company. I also knew that you can find quite a lot of fakes on the market, so I spent a long time looking for an article that would definitely help me distinguish between the original and the copy. And I’m going to visit the Apple store to buy new Apple Watch! Thanks a lot! Your article precisely explain some necessary features before buying expensive items.

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