Harmony OS by Huawei review: what about characteristics, advantages, what functions?

Harmony OS by Huawei review

At the beginning of August 2019 Huawei Technologies Co.Ltd. announced their new operating system called Harmony OS. It has been in development within eight years. But now Huawei can show us their new OS and launch it.

Features of Harmony OS

The main idea of this operating system is using micro-kernel technology. Kernel is responsible for the basic capabilities, and everything else is implemented through modules. For example, problems that arise while using processor or memory.

All functions, starting with browser’s interface and ending with file system, implemented with special modules. There is no need to make one cumbersome OS for everything: a common micro-kernel and modules are separate for each field of application. It makes the system safer, because it’s easier to fix only one module than to fix all modules at once.

Announcement of Harmony OS from Huawei
Photo: Announcement of Harmony OS from Huawei
Kernel will be «compact» and modules will add depending on tasks. You can use Harmony OS on smart light bulbs, coffee makers, TVs, laptops and many more devices.

Advantages of Harmony OS

  1. Harmony OS provides a shared communications platform and distributed data management. It can also handle distributed task scheduling and virtual peripherals. For example, one device can work with the camera of another device. It will be done as fast as it possible.
  2. Resources of the system will favor tasks that have higher priorities while other operating systems that distribute tasks in an order. The Harmony OS do it faster and more qualitative.
  3. All apps created on Harmony OS can run on different devices with different screens.
  4. Harmony OS will have an open code.

Huawei's Harmony OS Presentation

Huawei plans

  • Autumn 2019 — produce a smart TV called The Huawei Vision and The Huawei Vision Pro on Harmony OS;
  • May 2020 — produce tablets on Harmony OS;
  • 2020 — produce smart watches and laptops;
  • 2021 — produce car media systems and smart loudspeakers.

The United States Department of Commerce added Huawei to blacklist, because of that Google stopped working with Huawei and now Huawei smartphones can’t use Android OS. The license has not been renewed in October, 2019. So, after this prohibition the president of Huawei told the world that his company will make its own operating system.

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