What functions does the Apple Watch have?

What functions does the Apple Watch have?

What can smart watch do? Why are they so popular? These questions are asked by many customers who are interested in smart watches. After a couple of weeks of actually using those customers usually leave most of the unclearness behind. Functionality and ease of use of iWatch surprise even the most experienced users.

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Basically, all the most popular features of modern smartphones were selected, adapted and put into a small wearable. So what functions does the Apple Watch have?

The ability to answer calls

Before the gadget’s announcement most of the analysts haven’t even imagined that this feature would be realized in the new Apple product. One can answer the phone call:

  • Using the iWatch, as they have a built-in speaker and a microphone.
  • By transferring it from the Apple Watch to the iPhone.
The ability to answer calls
The ability to answer calls

Taptic Engine

Taptic Engine is one of the main advantages of smart watches. The gadget taps the user’s hand whenever there’s a notification. This tap is similar to a simple vibration. The most interesting thing about taptic engine is that different kinds of notifications have different kinds of vibrations: it’s easy to figure out if it’s a message or information from GPS.

Taptic Engine on the Apple Watch
Foto: Taptic Engine on the Apple Watch
The feature can also be used as an alarm clock in order not to wake up to the loud irritating sounds of one. One will be woken up by a light vibration on the wrist instead.

Sending heartbeat to other people with the Apple Watch

It’s some kind of a romantic feature from Apple. When one person presses two fingers on the screen of the watch, the build-in heart rate sensor records the heartbeat, which can be sent to another Apple Watch user.

Sending heartbeat with the Apple Watch
Sending heartbeat with the Apple Watch

Sending «taps» to other iWatches

The Apple Watch enables one to send little «taps» to friends and loved ones in order to show them that one thinks about them.


If one is a sportsman or leads a healthy way of life, smart watch can become a great helper in analyzing and adjusting the schedule for a day. As the main source of information the tracker uses heart rate — the gadget has an optical sensor, which works even better than the ones on treadmills.

Fitness-tracker on the iWatch
Fitness-tracker on the iWatch
Activity app daily calculates a number of figures and displays them as three colored circles:

  • Move (or overall activity).
  • Exercise (This parameter is calculated based on high heart rate).
  • Stand (Sometimes it helps to remember to walk a little bit instead of sitting at the desk).

Workout app calculates burnt calories and the distance passed while working out.

App Workout on the smart watch
App Workout on the smart watch
And that’s not all that this gadget can do. It also includes:

  • Drawing.
  • Time-Lapse function.
  • Sending the sketches.
  • Weather forecast and weather alerts.
  • Sleep-tracking and sleep-controlling apps.
  • Siri.
  • Listening to music.
  • WhatsApp messenger.
  • Sending one’s location to other devices.
  • Voice Over.
  • The timetables of public transport.
  • Night shift.
  • Controlling Apple TV.

and many other features. So, if you were hesitant about purchasing the Apple Watch, now you can definitely see that it’s worth it.

Advisor to appleiwatch.name, co-author of articles. Has been working with Apple products for over 10 years.

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  1. fime1

    Great watch! My husband bought it for himself about 2 months ago. But now I use this watch. As for me calling function is so helpful. I’m on my maternity leave and every day do lots of things. Sometimes it is very hard to do with a baby in one hand and cell phone in other. But with this watch I can free my hands! I can play with my doughter, prepare dinner for my loving husband and be connected to the world everywhere. Lucky to have it!

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