What is the fitness application «Fitness Activity» in Apple Watch?

How to measure and control the body temperature in Apple Watch

Smart watches from Apple, working in conjunction with the iPhone, offer the user a variety of functions, and can be, among other things, and fitness assistant. Apple Watch counts the calories consumed during the lessons, as well as:

  • it monitors the pulse of its owner;
  • distance traveled with the built-in pedometer;
  • pace;
  • measures the pressure of the athlete;
  • speed of movement;
  • a number of other activities.

Principle of operation Fitness Activity

Fitness functions work when an iPhone connection is established and the icon / button «i» on the smart clock is displayed. The gadget has a pre-installed Activity application that will also appear on the phone when both devices communicate with each other. All information from iWatch is transmitted to the smartphone, where it is stored and processed by the program.

What is the Fitness app
Photo: What is the Fitness app «Active Calories» in Apple Watch?

What does each of the rings (circles) of activity mean?

Information on the watch Apple Watch, the user receives in the form of 3 rings (circles), which are visible the first time you enter the application. To see more details, the indicators of one of them, swipe upwards, then the program on the smart clock will go to a wider consideration of one of the rings:

  1. Mobility keeps track of how much you’ve spent a day in total.
  2. A detailed description indicates the number of human steps in 24 hours.
  3. The indicator of exercise increases in the course of acceptance by a person of significant physical exertion, which burns calories and leads to an increase in heart rate.

Warm-up fixes actions that do not carry physical loads that burn calories:

  • a person gets out of bed;
  • villages;
  • stand up from his chair, etc.

Rings (circles) activity in fitness application
Rings (circles) activity in fitness application
The smartphone application that appears after creating an iWatch pair with the iPhone allows the user to set him a target for the day, and then start to follow it, observing the progress.

Fitness tracking in iWatch counts calories

This concept is the main one used by the device when it is used as a fitness assistant. What is an active calorie app in Apple Watch? This is the amount of energy that a person burns during periods of physical activity.

Periods of inactivity, for example, standing on the spot, are not taken into account. Also energy units spent during ordinary walking, which are less energy-consuming than exercises, aren`t considered active. Smart watches know how to differentiate activity modes and switch between them, by counting the amount of energy spent for each period of activity / inactivity.

Modes of work fitness program Active calories
Photo: Modes of work fitness program Active calories

Methods of counting

In the company’s novelty, a complex calculation algorithm is applied. Apple Watch counts calories based on data that is stored in the program memory and contains information about energy costs typical for a particular sport (these types are below). The data received from iWatch sensors is superimposed on it:

  • the heart rate of the owner;
  • the GPS sensor’s indication of speed and distance.
Apple Watch counts the calories spent
Apple Watch counts the calories spent

Types of activity

Several training modes are built into the program. Among them:

  • Walk.
  • The run.
  • A bike.
  • Run.
  • Walking.
  • Exercise bike.
  • Ellipsoid.
  • Ergometer.
  • Stepper and other.
Fitness tracking in iWatch counts calories
Fitness tracking in iWatch counts calories

Features of Fitness Activity on Apple Watch and how can you use it?

To regularly receive notifications on the iPhone, you need to:

  1. Go to «Watch».
  2. Select the section «My Clock».
  3. Subcategory «Activity».
  4. Enable notifications and reminders.

When you activate the notification option, go to the application, click on the tab and see how all the settings correspond to your goals.

App Activity in the Apple Watch
App Activity in the Apple Watch
Smart watches connected to the iPhone, use its processor, which is able to more accurately monitor the movement of people using GPS data and built-in functions. In addition, the functionality and capabilities of iWatch, after pairing with the iPhone, will expand, and without this, you can use them basically as a normal clock (only for viewing the time). Therefore, it is recommended to buy iWatch with the smartphone.

What can you if an application is absent?

If you haven`t the «Activity» program for Apple Watch on iPhone, you should restart the smart clock and check it again.

If you rebooted the device and nothing changed? In this case, you should try to reinstall the application and create a pair (maybe you hurried and did something wrong). Remember — it appears on the screen of your phone, only after the complete pairing with the smart clock.

Setting up a fitness tracker Activity on iWatch
Setting up a fitness tracker Activity on iWatch

Activating the training log for Apple Watch

You can activate one or the other training mode:

  • by voice through the Siri function;
  • selecting the desired option in the «Training» program on the Apple Watch screen.

Brushing aside the menu item related to the required type of sports activity, you can customize the purpose of the exercise by setting the task in one of the following ways: by time;

  • distance;
  • number of burned energy units.

Fitness with smart watches iWatch
Fitness with smart watches iWatch
In the process of working, you can switch the display of information on the Apple Watch clock screen in the fitness application «Active Activities»:

  • general;
  • heart rate;
  • time spent on exercises;
  • rate of movement;
  • distance traveled.

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  1. Ninell

    I work as a fitness trainer. I want to say that the application
    «Fitness Activity» in the Apple Watch is a must for everyone who is actively involved in sports. With this application, you can take into account how many calories you have spent, count steps, keep a record of active and inactive activities. All this information is displayed on the iPhone and you can immediately determine what load to increase, which to reduce. In addition, the pulse is measured during training, which allows you to adjust the intensity of the exercise. Pulse measurement takes place every 10 minutes. Simple walking and sitting is considered as an inactive activity. There is a Stand function that reminds you that a person sits for more than an hour and you need to get up and walk a few steps. When I got my Apple Watch I became more active because I immediately analyzed the loads and saw how many calories were spent. The clock is always on my hand. I only take them off at night. This is a very convenient invention of Apple

  2. lemur

    Nice article. I do not have this Apple Watch but my best friend has. She gained some extra weight after her pregnancy. She uses it almost every day. I remember like we were sitting on the couch, eating some pizza and she showed me this app. We counted the calories of that delicius peperoni and I get so scared! There were too many! I think it is very good application because it can help loose weight and keep your body in a good shape by trainings.

  3. Alex (author)

    We present to you our article «What is the fitness application „Fitness Activity“ in Apple Watch?».
    We are waiting for your questions, suggestions and feedback on the topic.

  4. Viktoria

    Hi. I want to share information, because I used this bracelet for a month. I really lost 5 kilos, as I had been dreaming for several years. The bracelet was given to me by my husband as a gift for the new year. And that new year, I made a wish to lose weight. It was comical, wasn’t it? I always wanted to do sports several times a week, thanks to my persistent desire and this bracelet, my dreams turned into reality. It shows calories, time and exercise activity. I wish everyone to pull themselves together and start acting!:))

  5. Charlotte

    In my opinion, it is the best fitness app for everyone who wants to keep fit, is involved in sport and especcially who wants to lose weight. During last year I reduced weight by 20 kilos, and it is crucial for me to keep my body fit. I know much about calories in my food, because recently I have learned a lot about how much calories products contain, and «Fitness Activity» helps me to control how much calories I spend. And it is very interesting to watch, how fast can I run, walk and ride.

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