How to properly connect Apple Watch to an Android device?

connect iwatch with android

Watch isn`t only a necessary thing, but also a stylish accessory. Earlier, with the help of a clock, you could find out the time and several additional parameters. Today they are practically small smartphones on the hand. Buying a «smart» clock many fall in love with them at once, and many do not get used to their specifics. Before buying a gadget, you should hold it in your hand and learn more about their capabilities.

Apple Watch is a stylish accessory. It has many modifications: there are different sizes of screens, a lot of straps and various materials of the cases. All combinations have their price, which allows you to choose not only the design you like, but also the price that will suit you.

comparing apple watch and android wear interaction models

To date, wearable electronics tends to decrease in size, while, of course, losing in power, but winning in: mobility; convenience. Once the electronic clock with the backlight of time and the electronic dial seemed to be a breakthrough, and today almost a smartphone on the wrist is no longer perceived as something supernatural.

Actually, the consumer dictates the conditions, and the developers are on the go, so the world is represented by many different models of smart watches from the most famous companies. Wearable electronics from Apple and Google is developed exclusively for consumers using smartphones from these companies, but the question is whether Apple Watch to attach to Android no one gave a clear answer. Up to this day.

It can be safely stated that the Android Wear clock with the iWatch device is made possible by third-party developers.

Connect the device

The platform Android Wear has a large number of smart watches from competitor’s iWatch, but all of them, one way or another, are different, and the guarantee for pairing can be given to such models as: Moto 360; Sony Smart Watch 3. But in any case, the loss of some functions of the clock, for example, «through time», is inevitable. But this doesn`t prohibit talking about whether Apple Watch is working with Android and what steps need to be taken to connect them.

Platform Android Wear
Foto: Platform Android Wear

Connection Instructions

Owners of Apple Watch for primary personalization still need to get a smartphone on Android, from which it is necessary:

  • ​​to install on the smart watch application Aerlink: Wear Connect for iOS from Google Play;
  • while the application is being installed, it’s time to install BLE Utility on iOS.

After installing all applications, the Apple Watch clock is set and synchronized with Android. Further connection by items:

Install the Smart Watch app Aerlink
Photo: Install the Smart Watch app Aerlink

  • You need to start Aerlink and activate iOS Service and ignore the message about disabling alerts.
  • In the installed BLE Utility program, you need to open the Peripheral tab and leave the application alone.
  • Open the Aerlink alarm on the watch, in case of its loss, repeat the first step.
  • In case of success, the clock will be notified by the corresponding message, otherwise it is worth repeating the procedure a new.
App BLE Utility
App BLE Utility


The functional is somewhat limited after such a pairing, but the clock will retain its basic functions, such as:

  • call notifications;
  • sms;
  • all current incoming calls, which can`t yet be answered; charge of the smartphone itself.

Sync your iWatch smart watch with your Android device
Sync your iWatch smart watch with your Android device
In any case, the question of how to connect Apple Watch to Android has been successfully resolved, and this will be the right signal for developers.

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  1. Dima Venger

    Install the BLE Utility program on your smart watch. Universal assistant to simulate any device from Apple. Allows you to connect to it via Bluetooth and does not require additional data. For now, we don’t touch the program anymore and move on.
    Now in Aerlink there will be a notification about the detection of a new device. If this does not happen, then restart the application. When the message appears, just click on it, after which Apple Watch will notify the user about the successful connection.

  2. Alex (author)

    We present to you our article «How to properly connect Apple Watch to an Android device?».
    We are waiting for your questions, suggestions and feedback on the topic.

  3. Milena

    I’m writing to say thank you for your article. It was very useful and helpful for me. Two weeks ago we bought Apple Watch as a birthday present for our son. But he’s got Android smart phone so it was a problem to connect these two gadgets. After reading your connection instructions we could solve our problem and attached them. Your article is very easy to understand not only because of your writing style but also because of attached pictures. Thanks! :idea:

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