Which MacBook Air is better — 11- or 13-inch? Which model to choose?

Which MacBook Air is better – 11- or 13-inch

You can often hear the question in AppStore: «Which MacBook Air is better: 11 or 13-inch?». This question is not correct for users with a great experience.

The one and only thing you should know before choosing between two models is the last date of putting 11-inch MacBook on the market. It was 2015. Why do not Apple manufacture «the little one»? There is no answer. Consequently, this device is too old for many operations, besides, you can get access to the Internet on cheaper devices.

So, if you really want to buy MacBook Air 2015 after all, but you can’t choose the best screen size for you, let’s compare this two models.

MacBook Air 11 vs MacBook Air 13: specs compared

MacBook Air 11 MacBook Air 13
Display 11.6 13.3
Storage from 128 to 512 GB
CRU Intel Core i5 1.6GHz
Battery 38 WHr 54 WHr
Size 11.8×7.6×0.7 inches 12.8×8.94×0.68 inches
Weight 2.4 pounds 3 pounds
Graphics Intel HD Graphics 6000
Camera HD720
MacBook Air 2015 11 and 13 sizes
Photo: MacBook Air 2015 11 and 13 sizes

Which MacBook Air should I choose? 11 or 13-inch?

After looking at specs you can see that there is no such a great differences between this two «Apple brothers». The newest has a better screen and a bigger batteries' capacity. But ordinary user will not notice that.

The main condition to choose is size of laptop. 11-inch MacBook Air is the best for most students. It is light and it’s easy to take it in a backpack.


Sure, the price is also important to all buyers. Today the price of 11-inch MacBook Air is from 999 to 1299 dollars. 13-inch MacBook is prices only 100 dollars more. But today it is hard to find 11-inch MacBook. So we don’t recommend to buy this laptop on the Internet to avoid fakes.

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