Comparison of Apple Watch 2 and 3 — what’s the difference and what is better to choose?

Comparison of Apple Watch Series 2, 3

The frustration experienced by many when it became possible to compare Apple Watch 2 and 3 is easily explained. Considering the advance and widely illuminated announcement of the novelty, designed to bring the smart watch to a fundamentally new level. After all, the main function for residents of many countries was simply inaccessible.

Smart watches are still presented in two versions:

  • 38 mm,
  • 42 mm

According to polls, nobody would like to change this. Comparison of the new smart clock with the Gear clock is no longer appropriate, since the new version of iWatch 3 was as close as possible to its predecessor.

The main differences between the first and second generations of iWatch are available in the review on this link.

The key difference between the latest models of Apple Watch 3 vs 2

Technology, which is not a novelty in the world of wearable devices, but first appeared in a smart watch, makes them virtually independent of the iPhone. It is available in the LTE module, which allows the owner of the watches:

  • to receive calls,
  • to go online using an electronic SIM card, the perfect novelty for the Series 3.

In addition, the technology of using the electronic SIM card allowed to realize the developers conceived:

  • ultra-thin,
  • lightweight design.

But there is no need to choose between the SIM card and the traditional one — there is simply no slot for the latter in the watches. The main news accompanying the comparison of Apple Watch Series 2 and 3 was that while:

  • the features of communication services,
  • the nuances of legislation.

The version with the module didn`t go on sale in several countries, including Russia, where the latest iWatch model is sold only in the version with GPS.

Comparison of Apple Watch Series 2 vs 3


It is interesting that the distinctive detail of the design of the body of models equipped with the LTE module is the color of the top of the Digital Crown wheel in red. Updating, mainly in a variety of colors, touched the watch bodies in general, as well as straps to them, the most suitable width for which is still considered 22 mm, and the straps themselves continue to be made of:

  • leather,
  • stainless steel.

News that accompany the emergence of the model iWatch 3

It is worth noting that the iPhone for the third model is still needed to create a pair.

The unexpected and new solution of Apple was the withdrawal from the sale and production of iWatch 2, so that when the comparison of the two versions soon becomes meaningless. Users will have to return to reviews of the first version of the smart-watches, which is easy to distinguish from the third, but it is disappointing, because it is largely obsolete.

Comparison of Apple Watch Series 2 feat 3
Foto: Comparison of Apple Watch Series 2 feat 3

Updates in the performance of the device: the main technical characteristics

As for the electronic filling in the comparison of the Apple Watch Series 3 with the version of the Smart Watch Series 2, then the first changes can be considered first:

  1. The increase in RAM from 512 MB to 768 MB.
  2. Upgrading the dual-core processor from S2 to the base of the architecture of the third generation, this speeds up the work of smart watches by 70%.
  3. IWatch works under the control of the operating system WatchOS 4, which replaced WatchOS 3 from the previous version of the smart clock.
  4. In the work of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, noticeably significant acceleration, with a reduction in their energy consumption is almost double.

Barometric altimeter

The barometric altimeter in comparison with Apple Watch 2 vs Apple Watch 3 added the third smart point’s clock against the early version and with its help it is possible:

  1. To count the past staircases.
  2. Track routes.
  3. Precisely determine the differences in the difference in heights, which should especially be to the liking of athletes and fans of a healthy lifestyle.

Comparison of apple watch series 3 with other versions of smart watches

The smart assistant

Siri assistant was present in the previous version of the smart clock, but the difference between them and the latest development is that Siri can speak out loud.

Water Resistance

Similar to the previous Series 2 model, Apple’s 3rd generation smart watch belongs to the category of waterproof electronic devices, whose case is protected at depths of up to 50 meters.

Proceeding from this, according to the official explanations of the company, they can be used under the following conditions:

  1. Shallow dives, for example, when swimming in the sea or swimming pool.
  2. Walking or running in the rain.

The results of water resistance tests also impose a number of restrictions on the use of watches so that they do not cease to function normally:

  1. You cannot leave them on hand when scuba diving.
  2. For the device, contact with water at high speed is unacceptable, as, for example, when riding water skiing.

It is important to note that protection against water according to the new waterproof standard ISO 22 810: 2010 applies only to the watch case, while leather or stainless steel straps are not water resistant.

So in this regard, the difference between Apple Watch 2 and 3 is simply missing.

Stand-alone mode

In terms of battery life, the new smart clock in comparison with the earlier version remained unchanged — 18 hours from a single charge, provided the device is used in mixed mode.

Comparison of Apple Watch 2 vs 3

Summing up all that we know about the smart clock, we can say that comparing the devices by main and additional characteristics, for the current and previous version of the clock, cannot be as bright as expected.

Structured information on the differences between models 2 and 3 of the Smart Watch is available in the following table:

Structured information on the differences between models 2 and 3 of the smart clock is available in the following table:

Series 3 GPS Series 3 GPS + LTE Series 2
The initial cost is 38 mm $ 329 $ 399 $ 369
The initial cost is 42 mm $ 359 $ 429 $ 399
Housing material Aluminum Aluminum Aluminum
Back Material Combined Ceramics Combined
Memory 16 GB 32 GB 8 GB
Water resistant Yes, up to 50 m Yes, up to 50 m Yes, up to 50 m
Offline mode No Yes No
CPU S3 S3 S2
Display Brightness 1000 ka/m2 1000 ka/m2 1000 ka/m2
GPS Yes Yes Yes
Wi-Fi Yes Yes Yes
Bluetooth Yes Yes Yes
Altimeter Yes Yes No
Operating system watchOS 4 watchOS 4 watchOS 4
Declared battery life 18 hours 18 hours 18 hours

In addition, we cannot fail to recognize, due to the presence or absence of a key innovation — the LTE module, the difference between the Apple Watch Series 2 and 3 for different countries is very significant.

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  1. Nick Smith

    Apple pleases its fans with constant novelties. Apple Watch Series 3 is now on sale. What are they different from the series 2? The appearance remained the same, only a red dot on the scroll appeared. But Apple 3 is equipped with a more powerful processor and they load faster. They have more RAM — 16 GB. And Apple 3 has a built-in height meter. It wasn’t in Apple 1 and Apple 2. I think that most of these watches are suitable for athletes-climbers, because they determine the height of the mountains, which allows to make a route for a hike in the mountains. And during fitness training to keep a record of the steps taken and during swimming they count the strokes. And the most interesting thing is that Apple has decided to reduce the price by almost $ 40 for Apple 3. Therefore, this model is the most budget-friendly.In addition, Apple 2 is no longer sold, so it’s worth buying Apple 3.

  2. Smile

    After analyzing the Apple Watch Series 2 and 3, the fundamental difference between them is not so much. The design is almost the same. Made of the same material. Water resistant to 50 m from the other models. But now increased memory from 8 GB in the Apple Watch Series 2 to 16 GB in the model 3. And the Apple Watch Series 3 has an altimeter feature that is suitable for athletes.

  3. Alex (author)

    We present to you our article «Comparison of Apple Watch 2 and 3 — what’s the difference and what is better to choose?».
    We are waiting for your questions, suggestions and feedback on the topic.

  4. Lawrence

    «Smart watches» 3 generations are more suitable for athletes and just active people. Series 3 innovations such as full moisture protection, barometric altimeter and integrated GPS with a more powerful processor and excellent autonomy will be a godsend for energetic and mobile people. Despite the fact that Series 2 has already been discontinued, it can still be bought.

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