What is the difference between Apple Watch models: Classic, Edition, and Sport?

What is the difference between the Apple Watch model: Classic, Edition, Sport from each other?

Apple Watch was made available to the public in 2014. These smart watches are presented in three variations:

  • Classic
  • Sport
  • Edition

This raised the question among lots of users regarding how exactly these Apple Watch differ — Classic, Edition, Sport — since after their presentation the gadgets created quite a stir. Moreover, the company had not announced anything like that before, i.e. in different variations.

Note that these watches are one of those company’s products, in the development of which Steve Jobs was not in the least engaged. They were developed under Tim Cook’s leadership and then occupied top positions among competitors in the earliest days of their life.

What is the difference between Apple Watch and each other?
Photo: What is the difference between Apple Watch and each other?


The basic gadget version made of:

  • stainless steel;
  • ceramics.

The display is finely equipped with sapphire protection. Specially for Classic gadgets, the Apple company developed:

  • special processor S1;
  • iOS for compact electronics;
  • UI graphical interface — adaptation for small-sized devices.

What the Apple Watch Classic differs from Sport and Edition?
Table: What the Apple Watch Classic differs from Sport and Edition?
There’re dozens of desktop options to choose from.

The only thing that make the difference between the basic Apple Watch, Sport and Edition is their materials used in these watches.

Smart gadgets are produces with two length options:

  • 38 mm;
  • 42 mm.

Most users conventionally call these variations as «male» and «female». The Apple company also offers six band designs made of various materials:

  • metal;
  • leather;
  • PU.
IWatch comparison: base, Edition, Sport
IWatch comparison: base, Edition, Sport


Comparison of Apple Watch — basic, Edition, Sport — is to be made only on the basis of product material. Technical «content» of all devices is strictly identical. Gadgets have got the highest price — their casing is made of 18-carat gold, several times stronger than usual casing.

The display is the same as in the basic configuration and is made of sapphire glass. The model in pink gold is also available for sale. This device comes with a very special «box» that can be used as a charging unit.


This version casing is a combination of composite and anodized aluminum. The company also protected Sports model to prevent the ingress of dust and moisture.

Glass is another difference between the Apple Watch and the Sport version. Instead of sapphire crystal, Ion-X glass is used — it is not so solid and durable, as numerous tests have shown, but it surely has better optical properties.

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Apple Watch Sport, Apple Watch and Apple Watch Edition Comparison

Conclusions on how Apple Watch models generally differ

Let’s recap the key points that have been covered:

  1. The version of Classic was made for the public — for those people who highly appreciate really functional and rather simple design.
  2. The version of Sport appeals to those users who prefer an active mode of life and use their gadgets everywhere.
  3. The version of Edition is tailored for fans of elegant sophisticated designs and noble metals.

Info on main differences of Apple Watch Series 1 and 2 can be found here.

We really hope that this article could give an exact answer to the vital question regarding all differences between the Apple iWatch models:

  • Classic;
  • Edition;
  • Sport.

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