Comparing Apple Watch 1 vs 3: what are their differences and what to choose?

Comparing Apple Watch Series 1 and 3

It has been several years since Apple Watch 1 was released. The world has enjoyed the taste of smart wearable electronics in the form of smart watches, so nowadays Apple Watch 3 is holding top positions in this segment. Is this model of the 3 series still innovative and revolutionary, and has it changed much compared to its ancestor?

Design Differences

Progress never stands still, and competitors do not idly stand aside, so Apple Company, being one of the game changers of modern electronics and a trend setter, has to always be ready to enter the market with something brand new. And now iWatch of the 3rd generation has replaced Apple Watch Series 1 and 2.

The design of these devices cannot boast significant differences: the same elegant aluminum case, the same buttons on their places. The key difference is in the case that has become waterproof at a depth up to 50 m. Besides you can now use the Apple Watch 3 even under water.

Differences in technical specifications

Main differences of Apple Watch Series 3 vs the first-generation watches:

  1. Apple Watch 3 has a dual-core processor with new architecture that is much better than the processor of the first-generation watch concerning its power.
  2. Display Apple Watch Watch 3 generations
    Photo: Apple Watch 3 display
    The chip for wireless communication is installed, it was not available earlier. Now users have an access to GPS and GLONASS.
  3. Retina display of the 2nd generation is installed, it gives a brighter and more vivid image. An altitude measuring sensor is also added to the device.
  4. You can now use Siri from Apple Watch in the third-generation gadget.
  5. The key difference is the possibility of wireless charging.

What hasn’t changed: comparison of Apple Watch Series 1 and 3

Communication modules remain the same: Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g/n, 2.4 GHz) and Bluetooth 4.2. The battery also has not changed and you can exploit your watch in active mode for about 18 hours.

Apple Watch 3 and iWatch 1 both look very similar. Continuity of generations is obvious, but you also can see an increase in productivity and expansion of functionality, indicating that the Apple devices are successfully evolving.

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    was very intrigued by the Apple Watch 4. They have a lot of interesting and useful features, as well as a good powerful processor. I had an Apple Watch 1, but I certainly wanted to replace them when I saw the Apple Watch 4 on sale, as I’m going to buy them too much. I strongly recommend this version of Apple

  2. morpex

    I was extremely interested in a watch called Appl Wath. I switched my attention to the stainless steel case and the screen, I also liked the heart rate sensor. The screen also reacts very quickly to the touch of my fingers. Of course, we all know that I bought them without hesitation. Good design, unique watch. Many thanks for the development. Good luck everyone!

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